Heyward's Scary Concussion, Montgomery's Missed Start, Funny Javy Moment, and Other Bullets

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Heyward’s Scary Concussion, Montgomery’s Missed Start, Funny Javy Moment, and Other Bullets

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More like Royal Wut-ing, AMIRITE?!? Nah nah, enjoy it if you want. I can’t make fun. I like watching infomercials sometimes for crying out loud.

  • Jason Heyward was out on the concussion DL for 10 days before the Cubs activated him yesterday. Among the things that are scary about his injury, no one seemed to know that it happened on that Dexter Fowler play when it did, and Heyward was even giving interviews after the game. But he said he felt more upper-body soreness than usual the next day, and then he simply didn’t feel right (Sun-Times): “I’ve never had a concussion. I guess it just kind of makes a believer out of me. Not that I didn’t believe before, but just to go through it, you feel for anybody that goes through it. This stuff’s scary. Because you don’t feel like yourself, and then you don’t see anything wrong with you physically but there’s something that’s not right.” It’s a very scary thing to think about the primary symptom of an injury being that you simply don’t feel like yourself, but it’s good that athletes everywhere are taking these kinds of brain injuries more seriously, and teams are giving them all the time they need to feel normal again.
  • You can expect Heyward to start one of the two games today.
  • Mike Montgomery was likely to start one of the games today before Thursday’s rainout changed the Cubs’ plans. He pitched last night in a blowout relief inning, but looked good. His numbers this year are still really odd (a couple K’s last night and he got his strikeout rate all the way up to 12.1%), but also really effective (this month he’s got a 2.25 ERA), and he’s got a positive attitude about his uncertain role and lack of a starting job (ESPN). I’m hopeful the Cubs find a good stretch to take advantage of having a guy like Montgomery, and give him a few starts as part of a six-man rotation. The added rest for the regular starters will make the loss of Montgomery in the bullpen worth it.
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  • Thanks to three intentional walks last night, Ian Happ’s walk rate increased from 8.0% to 10.2%, and his OBP (he also had a hit) increased from .301 to .322.
  • Jon Lester was fantastic.
  • Lulz:

  • Justin Grimm, after being torched to start out his tenure with the Royals, is currently rehabbing in AAA, and had mostly fine things to say about the Cubs:

  • When it’s definitely not your day:

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