Kris Bryant is Impossible, the Cardinals' Rotation is Getting Good, and Other Bullets

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Kris Bryant is Impossible, the Cardinals’ Rotation is Getting Good, and Other Bullets

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I “graduated” from physical therapy yesterday, so I’ve been turned loose into the wild with my foot just shy of four months after surgery. There’s still soreness and definitely limitations in flexibility (I’m supposed to be 90% at six months, and full recovery at one year), but it’s really, really good to be able to run again. I never thought I would give a rip about running, but it’s pretty good for the psyche. And the gut. Which has been enjoying quite a nice roll over these past four months.

  • Kris Bryant understands quite well something we’ve been talking about a lot this year: making contact just to make contact, at the exclusion of hitting the ball hard, is not necessarily a good thing (ESPN): “Just because the strikeouts are down, it doesn’t always mean it’s necessarily a good thing, because when I struck out a lot, I felt like I was also still doing a lot of damage by hitting the ball in the air. Sometimes I go up there and just put the ball in play and ground out to short or something, and early in the count, you don’t want to do that. I like that the strikeouts are down, but there is still a part of me that wants to make sure that when I don’t strike out that I do something with the pitch I actually do hit.”
  • Of course, not everyone can be Kris Bryant, who has lowered his strikeout rate to an impossibly low 15.7% while simultaneously posting the highest ISO and SLG of his career, with more hard contact than he’s ever had. Please don’t sleep on just how ridiculous Kris Bryant is offensively right now. I know it’s easy because he’s always been good, but he’s currently the best version of himself, achieving levels of power-contact-discipline that even the most hopeful onlookers could not realistically have seen coming back in 2015. We have not seen a Cubs hitter like this in our lifetimes.
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  • The ESPN article in which that Bryant quote appears, by the way, is a really good read about what a sophisticated and talented hitter he is.
  • From that same ESPN piece, LOLawesomeLOL: “According to, an offensive team of nine Kris Bryants, combined with “average” pitching and defense, would feature a winning percentage of over .800.”
  • Brace yourself:

  • Reyes, who is returning from Tommy John surgery, is extremely good, and has been on a warpath in the minor leagues on his rehab. I’m not saying that means he’ll be great when he gets back in the big leagues, but there are reasons to believe the 23-year-old is going to be a near-elite starter for the Cardinals right out of the gate.
  • … combine that with Miles Mikolas, who’s been performing like a dang Cy Young candidate this year, plus the emergence of Jack Flaherty and the impending return of Carlos Martinez, and that Cardinals rotation has the potential to be absurd very soon. I tend to think the offense’s flaws are legitimate, and the bullpen stinks, but that rotation. It’s gonna keep the Cardinals around for a while.
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Author: Brett Taylor

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