Memorial Day, Quick Travel, Roster Moves, Almora, and Other Bullets

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Memorial Day, Quick Travel, Roster Moves, Almora, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

The Taylor Family is headed to Disney World today for magic and mice and lines. I am quite happy to be going, and we’ll do our best this week to keep the lights on.

In the meantime, I hope everyone is taking in Memorial Day for all that it represents, and also the opportunity it offers for reflection. You can enjoy some barbecue and beer and baseball, too, while you’re at it. Nothing wrong with that. All the best to you and yours, those who served, and especially those whose sacrifice made the goodness in days like today possible.

  • The Cubs’ comfy road trip theme was all kinds of appropriate given the extremely late game and now extremely early game today in another city:

  • Expect the lineup to feature some guys who didn’t start last night, for obvious reasons (and also to get a couple extra lefty bats in there):

  • Not sure whether Ian Happ will be in the lineup today (or whether he’ll be 100% if he is), which is a bummer given the starter splits:

  • You can anticipate at least one roster move today, with the Cubs needing another fresh arm – not only after last night, but on the anticipation that Mike Montgomery not go more than four innings or so. As was reported over the weekend, the best bet is Luke Farrell, who would probably replace Randy Rosario (he was effective again, but after 2.1 innings, he’s probably burned for a few days (other possibility would be Justin Hancock, who pitched last night)).
  • Yu Darvish’s – gulp – MRI is coming tomorrow.
  • Javy Baez was going oppo very nicely in last night’s game, and he was apparently doing it a lot in batting practice, too ( You can’t necessarily *plan* to go opposite field in a given game, because you have to attack what the pitcher gives you. But when it comes to Javy Baez lately, you know that the pitchers are gonna give him a heavy dose of away stuff, so it’s a little easier to strategize. And when he starts going that way again consistently, he’ll once again be on fire. (Still no walks since the first week of April, though …. )
  • Albert Almora made another fantastic catch last night, naturally, but also had three hits. He’s hitting .326/.377/.457 on the season now (129 wRC+), and although that’s likely inflated by an unsustainable BABIP (.387, despite below average hard contact and well above average soft contact), he doesn’t have to be THAT good offensively to be a quality everyday starter type in center field. Keep developing, and keep starting.
(Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)
  • Rizzochet:

  • A nice measure of overall division quality, since the runs against your own division net out to zero:

Author: Brett Taylor

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