That Strike Zone SUCKED, Darvish Fun, Grace and Javy Highlights, and Other Bullets

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That Strike Zone SUCKED, Darvish Fun, Grace and Javy Highlights, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

Kids and their idiosyncratic stomachs. The Little Girl is the puking champion of the Midwest (both in terms of the frequency of her vomits and the strength with which she deals with it), and yet The Little Boy has *never* thrown up. Not once. The Littlest Girl spits up a decent amount because of the way her muscle tone works, but she’s never VOMITED … until this morning. Thankfully she seems fine, and thankfully – for me – The Wife was the recipient of the projectile.

  • I know that strike zone complaints are among peoples’ least favorite bits of commentary after a loss, but I’m not going to ignore it simply for that reason. Last night’s strike zone was absolutely brutal, and extremely one-sided (Brooks):

  • I count THIRTEEN rule-book strikes that were called balls for Cubs pitchers, including SEVEN that were not even on the edge of the zone. If we go by the typically-called zone, the Cubs pick up another SEVEN strikes that weren’t called. I count THREE rule-book strikes that were called balls for Dodgers pitchers, all of which were on the edge. By the typically-called zone, they would have picked up ONE. That’s upwards of a SIXTEEN PITCH DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TEAMS. You can say it was poor framing, and you can say it didn’t decide the game. But I’m here to tell you that, either way, it was a colossally effed up zone, and the Dodgers had a clear advantage in a two-run game.
  • To that end, Kyle Hendricks once again did not have great command. There can be no argument there, and we’ll discuss it more later. But I was pretty pissed to see him not getting any edge calls in the first inning, being forced back into the middle of the zone in hitter’s counts (that he didn’t deserve), and then getting shellacked for it. It can be true that he had crap command after the first four or five batters of the game AND ALSO got screwed during those first four or five batters of the game.
  • Yu Darvish told the L.A. Times he considered retirement with the Rangers, but was reinvigorated after being traded to the Dodgers last year, and baseball was fun again. But how about with the Cubs? He told “I feel this team has a lot of fun, too. I feel I’m included in that.” I just want him to be back, to be YU DARVISH, and then we can all have some fun with it.
  • There’s a chance the Cubs will get back Carl Edwards Jr. soon. He could do a minor league rehab outing Friday or Saturday, and the come back to the big league team thereafter (Tribune).
  • Joe Maddon was sad to hear about Chris Bosio’s dismissal from the Tigers (Tribune), reportedly for racist remarks toward a team employee. Maddon said, “There were difficult conversations (with us), but we didn’t have that issue.”
  • I’ll have more on this when it starts to actually shake out and impact the TV landscape in the sport, but it’s very interesting already: as part of the deal to buy Fox, Disney will be required to spin off the regional sports networks. That means ABC/ESPN will NOT be taking over the regional sports market in the way I expect they were hoping (they still want to do the deal for other reasons, obviously). Keep in mind, there is no Fox RSN in Chicago – NBC/Comcast has it – and also keep in mind that AT&T may want to start a new RSN in Chicago after the merger with Time Warner. My gut says both of those entities will be major bidders for the Fox RSN’s to try to dominate that space overall, and, if it happens quickly enough, it *could* tangentially impact the Cubs’ TV rights situation, since those may be the two main bidders/parters for the Cubs.
  • Ben Zobrist may soon get to wear the shoes he wants:

  • Mark Grace was such a uniquely interesting bat, especially for a first baseman. Most hits in the 1990s, right? I think I’m remembering that correctly. Anyway, happy birthday:

  • Hey, remember this? It was silly late-night fun:

Author: Brett Taylor

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