Javy Baez Steals Home! Again! With the Best Slide I've Ever Seen (VIDEOS)

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Javy Baez Steals Home! Again! With the Best Slide I’ve Ever Seen (VIDEOS)

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Javy Baez has done so many incredible, jaw-dropping things already in his career that we almost never get to say we haven’t seen him do something before. For example, Baez just stole home. Normally, we’d have never seen a player do that before. But heck, we’ve seen Javy do it already before this year.

What I can say without question, though, is that this time, Baez did it with the absolute best slide of his career. Absolutely incredible. Heck, this is probably the best slide I’ve ever seen:

Baez was so dead to rights there, but you just knew he was going to find a way to get around that tag. You can’t even blame the catcher for making a poor attempt. Baez just has such control of his body that he can make you miss.

Another look at just how incredibly Baez moved on that slide:

Baez was on third, by the way, because he’d stolen second after being picked off when the throw from the first baseman went into left field. He took third on that errant throw (and the throw from left field was errant, too, and nearly scored Baez … glad it didn’t, because then we wouldn’t have this moment).

Javy Baez just makes things happen.

OK, one more look – here’s a crowd view and reaction (and reaction of shock to the replay):

And from up close:

Author: Brett Taylor

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