Awesome Idea: Using El Mago Moments to Support the Blogathon and Make-A-Wish

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Awesome Idea: Using El Mago Moments to Support the Blogathon and Make-A-Wish

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One of the most heartening aspects of the Blogathon fundraiser for Make-A-Wish each year is seeing how enthused people become to do some real good in this world. And when they are able to tie that enthusiasm directly to the Cubs? Then I really get giddy. Well, I’m quite giddy this morning, because BN’er Jeff (whom you might remember as the incredibly hopeful Cubs fan shown in the stands at the start of the the 9th inning in Game 4 of the 2016 NLDS right before the Cubs’ unbelievable comeback) is doing something amazing this month.

Starting back on July 1, Jeff has offered to donate $100 to Make-A-Wish for the Blogathon for every El Mago Moment through July 29. Given how Javy Baez seems to do something uniquely incredible nearly every single time he takes the field, I’d say that’s a wildly generous offer from Jeff, and now you have all the more reason to root for Javy to do what he does!

And you can join Jeff! If you want to make a donation every time there’s an El Mago Moment, just drop a comment or a tweet using the #BNBlogathon hashtag, and we can all share in the fun. Michael and I were moved by the gesture, so we’re in for $10/El Mago Moment ourselves, too!

How do we decide an “El Mago Moment”? Well, it’ll be up to us, but as Jeff pointed out, it’s usually pretty darn obvious. For example, he recently had a week full of ’em:

Or, of course, when he stole home with the best slide ever:

So I count three El Mago moments already this month (hey, the Cubs have only played three games!), with that steal of home, another magical swim move slide against the Twins to kick off the month, and the stellar turn of the bunt double play against the Tigers. You’re already on the hook, Jeff!

Join in the fun, and put yourself a little on the line this month for a good cause! Or you could pledge to donate when some other event happens! When Anthony Rizzo goes deep! When Brandon Morrow records a save! When Kyle Schwarber guns down a foolish baserunner! Just drop it in the comments or tweet it out with the #BNBlogathon hashtag!

Or, of course, you can simply donate here to Make-A-Wish! You incredible folks are already almost to the $3,000 mark – halfway to sponsoring a wish for a child, and halfway to bumping up my insane, no-sleep-no-breaks coverage at the Trade Deadline!

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Author: Brett Taylor

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