Deserving All-Star Cubs, Draft Signings, Rondon's Resurgence, and Other Bullets

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Deserving All-Star Cubs, Draft Signings, Rondon’s Resurgence, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

I haven’t done standing-room-only for a Cubs game since the 2015 postseason, and I think I’m gonna do it again today. The grandstand is obviously fundamentally different than it was back then, and I kinda want to mill around and check out lots of areas of the park on a Friday afternoon while the game is going on. Usually I’m so parked and fixated on the game that by the time I think about moving around and getting some food or seeing some friends, it’s already the seventh inning stretch. Think I’m gonna wear a red Cubs championship shirt today, too, just for the heck of it.

  • This is pretty darn wild:

  • Will it be enough to make Almora an All-Star when the rosters are announced this weekend? We know he won’t be voted in by the fans, since he was not on the ballot, but will his fellow players select him? Almora feels like an All-Star this year, but then so does Javy Baez, Willson Contreras, and Jon Lester, to name a few. And maybe even Kyle Schwarber. Or Jason Heyward. Or Addison Russell. Or Ben Zobrist. There are ways that all of these guys could be justified as All-Stars just by looking at their performance in isolation. But the reality is that spots are limited for this exhibition game, and all of the teams must be represented. Getting two or three All-Stars in a given year is a pretty cool thing.
  • But, yeah, Ben Zobrist. Dude is 37, is still playing all over defensively, is hitting .296/.391/.430 with a 125 wRC+, and is just quietly sitting there 20th in the National League in WAR, at 2.3 already. He’s been an incredibly quiet borderline All-Star this year!
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  • Also: if I’d told you in March that I was putting together a list of seven plausible Cubs All-Stars in July and NEITHER Kris Bryant nor Anthony Rizzo were on it, you’d think the whole world had gone mad. Well …
  • A profile on Cubs utilityman David Bote, who ground his way through the minor leagues, mostly as a guy no one expected to ever become a serious threat to reach the majors, let alone actually do it. Now, here he stands, by most objective and subjective measures a guy who will very likely carve out a career in the big leagues in a utility role for many years. Great story, and a great example for many other minor leaguers.
  • This is the final bonus pool player to sign for the Cubs:

  • With the 5% overage, the Cubs do have about a hundred thousand bucks to play around with in the later rounds if there was anyone still available to sign and on the fence. Today is the deadline to sign all non-college-seniors.
  • UPDATE: Heh, as I was typing and publishing:

  • So, Hector Rondon sure continues to be ridiculously awesome in his next life with the Astros, eh? He’s got a 1.44 ERA, a 1.92 FIP, a 31.3% K rate, and a 7.8% BB rate. The first three are all career bests. Something Houston is doing with pitchers, man. It’s working, whatever it is.
  • A day after falling below .500 and having a players-only meeting, the Nationals proceeded to go down 9-0 to the MARLINS AT HOME. Season —> tubes. Right? Well, not so much:

  • That’s the kind of thing that can turn a season around (or at least that’s the story we tell when an already good team starts winning as much as they should have been winning all along).
  • The Little Girl and The Wife are amazing – this is happening today:

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