Cubs Have the Fewest Losses in the NL, Can Chatwood Calm You, Coghlan, and Other Bullets

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Cubs Have the Fewest Losses in the NL, Can Chatwood Calm You, Coghlan, and Other Bullets

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  • After the Pirates handled the Brewers last night, the NL Central standings look humorous to me:

  • The Cubs are legitimately in second place – see the winning percentage – but thanks to rainouts and scheduling, the Cubs are a game back … but have one fewer loss than the Brewers. In a hypothetical scenario where this was the end of the season, and the Brewers were at 162 and the Cubs still had four to play, could the Cubs pull off the sweep to win the division? Take three of four to tie things up? Split and lose it on the final day? Depends on the opponent, obviously, but I think it’s fun to ponder that kind of scenario, and what the stress/energy would feel like.
  • What would a Tyler Chatwood start tonight have to look like for you to head into the break thinking, “Yeah, you know what, the rotation might be just fine without any kind of addition”? Is it even possible? Perfect game with 15 strikeouts? I’m not sure that would do it for me. Sure, it might make me feel like, yes, I knew that talent was in there and could come out at any time! … but it would also be just one data point – however good – in a sea of ugly ones. I want Tyler Chatwood to succeed with the Cubs, not only because they need him and he’s under contract for two more years after this one, but also because the flashes of talent are WAY up there. The best version of Chatwood is (without putting too fine a point on it) one of the best pitchers in the Cubs rotation. He just seems so very far from being able to actualize that for more than a single at bat at a time.
  • I feel like I’d need to see Chatwood bust out four straight good, consistent, wow-he’s-really-figured-out-his-command starts to round out July before I’d even consider saying there’s no need to trade for at least an additional depth starter. And, frankly, even then, it would still probably be prudent.
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  • Sounds like there’s a roster move coming today:

  • Best guess is that Brian Duensing is returning from the disabled list.
  • Too funny – just a day after the Home Run Derby odds came out at Bovada, and Kyle Schwarber was at the very bottom … he’s now the favorite, no doubt thanks to Cubs fans aggressively taking that bet and moving the line:

  • Chris Coghlan missed the first few months of the season with a shoulder injury he was rehabbing in Arizona after signing a minor league deal with the Cubs, but the 33-year-old outfielder finally arrived at AAA Iowa last week. He’s still getting back up to speed, so to speak, but he homered last night:

  • Although it’s hard to imagine a situation – barring a rash of please-no injuries – where Coghlan comes up to the big league team before September, it’s certainly possible then, when rosters expand, that he might come up. He’s older now and things didn’t work out with other teams, but one thing Coghlan has always done: hit when he’s a Cub.

It's Chris Coghlan, now with the Iowa Cubs! (pic via Dylan Heuer on Twitter)

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  • This is fun, as you know it’s something about which players are humorously idiosyncratic:

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