A Couple Knuckleheads Having Fun, Bass Rehab, Swapping Chatwood and Gray, and Other Bullets

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A Couple Knuckleheads Having Fun, Bass Rehab, Swapping Chatwood and Gray, and Other Bullets

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The #BNBlogathon is so close to the first milestone! We are just $212 away from $6,000 for Make-A-Wish, which means we’d be granting a wish for a child! It also means I’ll bump up my Trade Deadline coverage from 24 hours straight to 34 hours straight!

  • It was a good night for Cubs All-Stars, with Javy Baez smacking a single on the first pitch he saw (NL’s first hit), and Willson Contreras ripping a homer on the first pitch he saw (NL’s first run). We didn’t get any El Mago Moments, and Contreras’s back-pick at first base didn’t turn into an out, but it was still a very nice spotlight and moment for these two.
  • The Cubs’ third All-Star, Jon Lester, who did not pitch in the game since he started on Sunday, put it best (Cubs.com): “The big thing for me is watching these two knuckleheads over here have fun. You see the flair they play the game with and the ease that they play the game with, and that kind of oozes energy.” Love these knuckleheads.

Having fun in the All-Star dugout. #Cubs

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  • First pitch in the big leagues, first pitch in the All-Star Game:

  • I love this read on the evolution of Javy Baez. It’s crazy to think about how super-hyped he was, and then a post-hype guy who might flame out, and then a useful role player, and now a star:

  • Anthony Bass kicked off a rehab assignment at AAA Iowa yesterday, as he recovers from an illness that put him on the DL. Dude was kicking ass before his DL stint (and not just in the results column – he had excellent peripherals, too), so hopefully he fully recovers and it wasn’t a serious, serious sickness. The Cubs will have to bring him back onto the active roster when he’s ready to go, though, because he does not have any options left, and there’s no way he’d clear waivers right now.
  • The trade is clearly impractical – as the author notes – but the ideas discussed in here are actually pretty interesting, as to the relationship between a pitcher’s style and an organization’s usage:

  • The short version is that Tyler Chatwood is arguably using his various fastballs too much with the Cubs (and the reverse is true for Sonny Gray), though that’s largely because the Cubs believe in the effectiveness of those pitches if he could harness them (as opposed to an organizational belief in being heavy on the fastball). It’s an interesting discussion, if nothing else.
  • Oh my sweet word:

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