Brewers Reportedly Could Turn to Brian Dozier After Missing Out on Manny Machado

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Brewers Reportedly Could Turn to Brian Dozier After Missing Out on Manny Machado

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I have mixed feelings on the Brewers missing out on Manny Machado today, after he was traded to the Dodgers.

On the one hand, Machado is awesome, and his addition to the spiraling Brewers could have helped turn things around, and push them back up towards the Cubs in the NL Central. He would have made the 2018 Brewers much better at a time when it could directly impact the Cubs’ march to the playoffs in a very competitive year. On the other hand, maybe the Cubs can beat the Brewers anyway, and, as a rental trade, the addition of Machado would have only depleted the Brewers’ long-term resources.

To that end, I kinda feel like I still want to see the Brewers go out and make a big – pricey – rental addition. Maybe that makes me a dope, but I think they’re gonna make SOME additions no matter what, and I still think the Cubs are better (and currently have a 2.5-game, FIVE-LOSS advantage).

Thus, I am intrigued when I see this:

Dozier, 31, is a free agent after this season. He broke out in a big way in 2014, in his age 27 season, and carried that success at the plate through the 2017 season. This year, however, he’s fallen off considerably, hitting just .230/.314/.423 (100 wRC+), though it’s not entirely clear if that’s entirely earned (some of the quality of contact stuff looks pretty similar to recent years). He might be a bounce-back candidate in the second half, and his price tag in trade might be depressed. Hmm. Maybe I don’t want to see the Brewers go after him after all.

Even if he remained merely an average hitter and average glove, Dozier could be a nice addition to a Brewers club that has been miserable in the middle infield this year. At second base, the Brewers have given substantial time to Jonathan Villar (.261/.315/.377, 86 wRC+) and Hernan Perez (.248/.282/.386, 76 wRC+).

It would be a little ironic for the Brewers to wind up with Dozier after the Dodgers got Machado, given that Dozier to the Dodgers was one of those months-long it’s-totally-gonna-happen deals last year.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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