Well, It Wouldn't Be An Orioles Trade Without a Reported Medical Snag … (UPDATES)

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Well, It Wouldn’t Be An Orioles Trade Without a Reported Medical Snag … (UPDATES)

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We say it every time the Orioles are rumored to be in on a deal. And it’s pretty much always a joke at first. “LOL, the deal will be completed barring a snag, but it’s the Orioles!”

And then it’s not a joke:

“One or more prospects.” It’s like the Orioles told the Dodgers, “Hey, we’ve got an issue with one or more of the prospects … which ones? oh, well, I mean, we haven’t figured that part out yet.”

This is just how it is with them. I don’t entirely understand how they can operate this way, and perhaps, behind the scenes, they do get punished by other clubs for it (a lack of serious discussions with certain teams, for example). But at this point it sure looks like it’s just standard operating procedure for the Orioles to use the physical process – whether in free agency or in trades – as not a check against the health of a player, but instead as a pure leverage grab.

We’ll see if this deal still gets done as expected, or if they’ve blown up another one. Can’t imagine why or when they would have become more gun shy about trades …

UPDATE: The medical snag is not with the proposed centerpiece in the deal:

UPDATE 2: Confidence out of Baltimore that it’ll get done:

Author: Brett Taylor

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