Cubs and Astros Reportedly Trying to "Match Up Prospects" in a Zach Britton Trade

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Cubs and Astros Reportedly Trying to “Match Up Prospects” in a Zach Britton Trade

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Late last night, a couple more reports came out about the Orioles’ desire to trade reliever Zach Britton sooner rather than later, as well as the Cubs’ particular interest in Britton. Specifically, the Cubs are reportedly “deeply involved” in those trade discussions, though they are not the only team.

And on that front, some of the latest:

The return on Herrera – for much more more time and a guy without injury questions – was a trio of prospects, none of whom were considered top tier system prospects. I could see why the Orioles would want to point to that as a comp, but you’d have to find a couple teams who believe Britton is almost entirely back to being himself to get “at least” what the Royals got for Herrera.

Were that kind of return coming from the Cubs, just in case you were curious, it would probably look something like three prospects you’ve heard of, all of whom were outside the top five or so in the (weak) system, but were all kinda on the rise. To me, it seems like a steep price to pay for a dice roll on two months (and $4+ million) of Britton. Again, I really like the idea of picking Britton up, but not if you’re paying a price as though he’s a sure thing. I suppose it would just depend on the names.

The Astros and Cubs both being involved at a discussing-names level is not a surprise, given that each club has tried to get Britton in the past, which means the sides probably already had a good baseline on the prospects in the discussions (Britton arguably has less value now, but it’s helpful in trade talks to already have a sense of what the sides generally think about certain prospects).

Having not heard specifically of other seriously involved teams yet, you might even call the Astros and Cubs the favorites at this point. (Still wonder if the Phillies are gonna go all out at some point, though, since they missed out on their other trade targets so far.)

Meanwhile, it’s another report indicating that the Orioles don’t necessarily want to take this thing right up to the deadline, so stay tuned.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.