Cubs Prospect Pulled, Hugs Reported (UPDATES: Oh My God, It Was Apparently Just a Hamstring)

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Cubs Prospect Pulled, Hugs Reported (UPDATES: Oh My God, It Was Apparently Just a Hamstring)

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[Ed. – This post kind of morphed from one thing to another over the course of the evening. Original post remains, but the UPDATES kinda move things in a different direction.]

There isn’t *NECESSARILY* a connection here between these two tweets, but the Cubs have been connected repeatedly to Brad Ziegler in recent days, and we’re in full on “Hug Watch” season, so I want to get this in front of you.

Two tweets that came out at essentially the same time:

Whether related or not, it’s worth keeping an on the Ziegler front, as he could be an additional reliever coming to the Cubs:

Now 38, Ziegler has put together two thoroughly “meh” seasons with the Marlins, the second of which is this year when he’s making $9 million. To say that he would cost virtually nothing more than salary relief is probably accurate.

Why want him at all? Well, he still gets groundballs at an elite clip, and is very effective against fellow righties. If you’ve got a situation coming up with a lot of righties, or a messy mid-inning spot where you need a groundball from a righty batter, then Ziegler would be your guy. It’d be a pretty darn specific role on a team like the Cubs, but, then, playoff-caliber teams can and should be able to afford guys like that.

There’s also the chance that he bounces back a bit with the Cubs – he was fantastic for years before coming to the Marlins.

UPDATE: Whether Ziegler is involved or not, we have REPORTS OF HUGS:

UPDATE 2: Oh, well this certainly shakes things up:

UPDATE 3: And it reportedly isn’t the Rangers, either:

That’s notable, since the latest reliever rumors – aside from Ziegler – had the Cubs possibly linking back up with the Rangers on Keone Kela or Jake Diekman.

Lots and lots of relievers out there on the market, though …

UPDATE 4: Some comments based on questions out there. Yes, it was theoretically possible that Giambrone was the PTBNL in the Cole Hamels trade – in-season lists do sometimes include legit prospects – but it would be a bit odd to see a prospect pulled mid-game as a PTBNL, and also just a few days after the original trade. So, this buttons that up:

UPDATE 5: One name to rule out – Jesse Rogers says there’s not a trade for old friend Blake Parker, who saw his career resurge with the Angels.

UPDATE 6: This is an utterly amazing – laugh and tear-inducing – conclusion:

This is what happens at the Trade Deadline, and I don’t regret a thing.

Author: Brett Taylor

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