2018 #BNBlogathon: Final Thoughts, Final Tallies, and So Much Thanks

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2018 #BNBlogathon: Final Thoughts, Final Tallies, and So Much Thanks

Chicago Cubs

It arrives. The final hour. The conclusion. The dream-filled nirvana is just around the corner.

Every year, I find myself wanting to lead with the same thought, so I won’t reinvent the wheel: it’s a shame that the Blogathon saps me of maximum eloquence at the time I need it most. After 40+ hours, I owe you so many thanks, and I know I won’t quite have the capacity to express it as well as I’d want.

For donating so generously to a worthy cause like Make-A-Wish: THANK YOU!

Your efforts put us over $21,000, which is enough to sponsor three and a half wishes for children and their families who deserve and need an incredible experience.

For participating so joyfully throughout the 40 hours of the Blogathon and lifting my spirits throughout: THANK YOU!

It’s possible that I could survive this stunt without having a community of folks surrounding me at every turn – here on the site, on Twitter, on Facebook, and in the live streams – but why would I want to? Sure, doing these 40 hours was a little hard at times, but your comments, your tweets, your messages, your pictures, your jokes (even the ones at my expense) make the experience, on the whole, all too easy.

And you bing bongs even forced me to get my very first tattoo – for a good cause. I couldn’t thank you enough for the push.

As for the baseball action, it was a pretty darn fun Blogathon, with a host of stray rumors, and plenty of action right up to the deadline. For the Cubs, two third of their shopping was done before the deadline, bringing in Jesse Chavez and Cole Hamels from the Rangers last week. Then today, they added Brandon Kintzler to the mix. The Cubs had crystal clear needs on the pitching side of things, and they addressed it well, with depth and quality, and without disrupting the big league roster or the farm rebuilding process.

What all of this was really about, though, once again …

MAWF Primary Logo PMS293

I want to thank you all so very much for your part in this Blogathon. Your support over the years for a cause that I care so much about is overwhelming. Together, we raised over $21,000 this month to make wishes come true – to give a special experience to children who really need something to enjoy. Hopefully we’ll have reached a young Cubs fan or two along the way. Good on you.

You also donated enough to force me to do all things bloggy for 40+ hours straight here in Chicago and around Wrigleyville.

Let’s do it again!

… in 364 days.

Now for the final tallies.

Total Posts During the Blogathon: 

69, by far a Blogathon record. In case you missed any of those 69 posts, you can stroll on over to the home page, and flip backwards through them all.

Total Minutes of Live Video Streams During the Blogathon:

So many Periscopes! You can scroll back through my Tweets to find them, or find @BleacherNation on the Periscope App on your phone. At around 20 minutes a pop, and about 10 of them, that’s like 200 minutes of live streaming. Here’s the final one, which is short, but oh so appropriate – tons of anger about the game at the beginning, and then tons of sappiness about how much what you’ve done means to me at the end:

Total Locations Where I Blogged:

9 – Home base, Lake Michigan wall, Foo Fighters concert, Ann Sather, Starbucks, Cozy Noodle, Wrigley Field under the Bleachers, Gallagher Way at Wrigley, Taco & Burrito Palace.

Total Distance Walked/Jogged (yeah, I did some jogging to get the blood flowing):

About 11 miles.

Total Socks Worn:

Two. Well, one very nerdy pair.

Total Tattoos Acquired:


Total Cubs Transactions at the Deadline:

One, with Brandon Kintzler on the way.

Total Caffeinated Beverages Imbibed:

Eight Coke Zeros

Two venti iced vanilla lattes

One Kris Bryant Red Bull

One Michael-delivered Frappucino

One giant Mr. Spokacola fountain soda

Hours I Plan on Sleeping Now:

Ideally/hopefully I’ll feel good to go on 12. But we’ll see what happens.

Thank you all again, and I’m gonna lay down and slide into unconscious bliss. I should be back on the grid by the late morning, if all goes according to plan.


Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.