Star Development, the Lessons of David Bote, Thanks Padres, and Other Bullets

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Star Development, the Lessons of David Bote, Thanks Padres, and Other Bullets

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We’ve been borrowing a gait trainer (this big rolling walker thing) to help The Littlest Girl explore her world and practice taking steps for a long time now, but today – finally – insurance came through and she got her OWN gait trainer delivered. The Wife just sent me video of her cruising around in her shiny new set of wheels and I’m over the moon right now.

  • David Bote has been many things this year, and I think you already know and appreciate most of them. But the one I’d like to point out right here is that he is a reminder of just how long it can take for the farm system development process to bear fruit. While there may be some draft picks and signings that demonstrate value within two or three years – either by way of promotion or trade – that isn’t necessarily the rule. Bote was an 18th round draft pick all the way back in this front office’s first draft with the Cubs in 2012. When we talk about “how they’ve done”, it’s important to remember that very long tail of farm development. And that isn’t just about the ages of guys who follow a typical development curve – Bote, who was drafted out of junior college – didn’t really establish himself as a legitimate prospect until some five years after he was drafted!
  • (Heck, the Cubs’ farm system pitcher of the month in July was a guy the Cubs acquired for Tony Campana five and a half years ago! And that guy – Erick Leal – is still only in High-A!)
  • The Padres didn’t use up all their offense on the Cubs, as they put up an 11-spot on the Brewers last night, helping grow the Cubs’ NL Central lead back to a much-more-comfortable 2.5 games. And I’m worried about Kato:

  • You probably know this to be true, anecdotally, but it’s fun to see Javy Baez’s development demonstrated in this way:

  • What’s especially interesting there is that Baez was a very whole-fields guy in 2015, but the power wasn’t there to the opposite field. Then he became very pull-inclined in 2016, started adjusting in 2017, and is now going the opposite way the most he has since that 2015 season. He still pulls the ball a lot, but it’s not like you’d want him to stop that completely – that’s where your easiest power is always going to be.
  • Speaking of Javy being awesome, this is unbelievable:

  • And I mean it is literally unbelievable, because it’s a joke picture I made, but a lotta folks thought the Cardinals were just being weird. Instead, the Cardinals were trolling the Cubs in response to their excellent trolling:

  • Raise your hand if you’re the MVP:
(Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
  • Good job, Cubs fans:

  • Happy birthday, Rizzo:

  • I don’t know, man – someone’s getting in before Trubisky?

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