The Post-Cubs Crash for Wade Davis, Players Weekend, David Bote's Challenge, and Other Bullets

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The Post-Cubs Crash for Wade Davis, Players Weekend, David Bote’s Challenge, and Other Bullets

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  • The Cubs did have interest in re-signing Wade Davis this past offseason, but the pace at which that process played out, and the caution the Cubs displayed when the Rockies started getting aggressive, was all probably telling. I’m not going to say the Cubs knew there were cracks, but I will say that we had questions about his command all year, and then he was leaned on HEAVILY late in the year and in the postseason.
  • In any case, Davis wound up signing a three-year, $52 million deal with the Rockies, and it’s been a disaster this season. After another blowup last night, Davis’s ERA is up to 5.51, and his peripherals aren’t much better, as his strikeout rate has dropped dramatically and his walk rate has continued to balloon. Worse, the spike in his home run rate from last year with the Cubs has gotten even worse this season.
  • Speaking of that blown game, though, it was an especially brutal one for the Rockies, because it came against the Dodgers, who are tied with the Diamondbacks for the NL West lead, and whom the Rockies are now 3.5 games behind. Win that game, and you’re just 1.5 games behind the Dodgers, and 2.5 games behind the Diamondbacks. And also, the Rockies are now 3-7 in their last 10. Really rough stretch for a team that had been on fire.
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  • I was very impressed by the Rockies’ thoughtful reaction on Twitter, which you could apply elsewhere in your life:

  • Players Weekend is happening again this year on August 24-26, and it’ll be when the Cubs are at Wrigley Field hosting the Reds, so that’s cool. The gear and the full slate of nicknames:

  • I’ve gotta say, the best of the group is Justin Hancock’s. (“It’s Herbie Hancock … “) Obviously Carl’s nickname has always been good, and Willy the Beast is solid.
  • Not sure any of the Cubs can top Brad Boxberger, though:

  • The early look on where the league could adjust to David Bote – like so many young hitters in the current era who’ve developed quality loft in their swing – is up in the zone:

  • You might remember this was an issue for Ian Happ last year (he, too, had added loft to his swing to improve power production), and he was able to adjust after a few weeks. Sure, then the league adjusts again, and the process keeps ongoing, but on this very simple first step, the adjustment can be made.
  • Meanwhile, I think Bote can top this:

  • Now that’s just fun as heck:

Author: Brett Taylor

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