Joe Maddon Let A-Rod Know What Was Up on All That Yu Darvish Stuff

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Joe Maddon Let A-Rod Know What Was Up on All That Yu Darvish Stuff

Chicago Cubs

A couple weeks ago, the Cubs were on ESPN, and analyst Alex Rodriguez let loose with what he made sound like some internal beefing about the way Yu Darvish’s rehab was proceeding. All corners of the Cubs’ clubhouse rejected what A-Rod was hearing, and it set up something of an awkward reunion last night when ESPN returned cover the Cubs.

In advance of the game, Joe Maddon had Rodriguez into his office for a meeting so they could clear the air, the particulars of which were a bit fuzzy:

All righty.

Well, whatever the precise details of the meeting, we do know that Maddon was not shy about letting Rodriguez know what he thought.

“My job, I believe, is to protect my brood,” Maddon told “It’s no different than being a parent, so if you’re going to attack the group from the outside looking in, [my mom] Beanie raised me, my uncles and aunts raised me, my midget football coaches raised me, all these guys that raised me would have it no other way. I responded very open and candid about my comments. We had a great conversation about that. That’s pretty much where I come from. I think it’s hard to argue against that. I would respect anybody having the same opinion about protecting their brood.”

As for A-Rod, you can see how he described the meeting with Maddon:

Not much backing down in there, although he may be suggesting that he was “calling it like he sees it” rather than reporting explicit statements from Cubs sources. It’s hard to tell, but I think this is going to be the end of it. I’m fine with moving on.

Author: Brett Taylor

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