When a Team Comes Together, a Healthier Division Lead, Carl's Scooter, and Other Bullets

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When a Team Comes Together, a Healthier Division Lead, Carl’s Scooter, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

Sure is hard to do Bullets after a game like that. Everything is BOTE BOTE BOTE (and also Hamels, Hamels, Hamels), but that’s gotta be in its own dedicated space. So, for the most part, these Bullets are about getting into the *other* stuff …

  • Well, like I said, for the most part:

  • Imagine being Cole Hamels right now. Traded from a DOA team to a club that not only has the best record in the National League, but is having a blast when it all comes together in a moment like that. And in a game he dominated, no less. I’m picturing any guys who’d already headed into the clubhouse to get treatment and start their post-game process sprinting like madmen down the tunnel and back to the dugout so they could be in the throng.
  • And from Bote on the team (Cubs.com): “It’s a great feeling. The teammates that we have on this team, the support, every single guy, we’re in it from Pitch 1 every single day. When you round those bases and you got the ‘W’ and I see my teammates at home plate jumping around, it’s magical. It’s incredible. It’s an unbelievable feeling. It couldn’t happen to a better team or a better group of people in that clubhouse. I’m so blessed to be part of it.”
  • Love watching these guys explode out of the dugout:

(Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images)
  • Speaking of having the best record in the NL, yes, the Cubs still have it! And thanks to the Braves’ late win over the Brewers yesterday, the Cubs are back up to a three-game lead in the Central:

Enhanced NL Central Standings. #Cubs #EverybodyIn #EveryBoteIn

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  • The off-day today is so much sweeter now, isn’t it? No matter what, the Cubs can no longer come out of their upcoming two-game series with the Brewers in anything other than sole possession of first place.
  • Speaking of the standings, though, how about the Cardinals’ crazy hot streak after firing Mike Matheny, and now standing just 5.5 games back of the Cubs:

  • So, apparently, Ryan Madson was pitching hurt last night in the 9th? Which kinda showed. Also, thanks:

  • Of the loss, former Joe Maddon lieutenant Dave Martinez sounds like his old friend when discussing his Nationals: “I want it to linger right now for 30 minutes and think about it. And let’s come back tomorrow and not make the same mistakes. Let’s keep playing the way we’re playing, because we’re playing with a lot of intensity. They’re fired up. The boys are playing really well.” That’s also a reminder that the Nationals really are playing well right now – to take two of three from them, however you make it happen, is a fantastic outcome.
  • I, too, would be less than thrilled if I were posting good numbers and was bounced from the rotation right when the incentives in my contract based on starts and innings began kicking in (especially if I knew my team was dangerously close to the luxury tax cap and was desperate to avoid it at all costs) …

  • CARL:

  • Smashing Pumpkins threw out the first pitch last night and sung the stretch and I missed both of those things and I am raging like a rat in a cage:

  • OK there, Max:


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