Last Night's Win Was TWICE Historic for the Cubs and Other Bullets

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Last Night’s Win Was TWICE Historic for the Cubs and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

I’m off to take The Little Boy to a Spider-Man party, so that should be fun. Climbing up walls and shooting webs at people and such.

  • Last night’s statistically crazy win for the Cubs was their third in a row, and the first time they’ve won three in a row in a month. (They also haven’t lost back-to-back games since July 28 – so it’s been a very win one, lose one kind of stretch until recently.) That win pushed their NL Central lead to its high-water-mark for the year:

  • The win was statistically crazy because of the double plays, but also because it was the Cubs’ second straight 1-0 win with the only run coming on a solo homer. Surely that can’t have happened often, right? Well, actually, never before in franchise history:

(Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images)
  • Theo Epstein spoke to The Score about Jose Quintana’s down season and how there is still time for him to turn it around. That’s certainly true, and it’s also possible it’ll just be a down year from which he rebounds next season. But I thought it was interesting that, unprompted, Epstein brought up his strong belief that the Cubs don’t make the playoffs last year or reach the NLCS without Quintana (which – in my view – is the kind of thing you might want to remind people if you feel like a certain trade is being maligned based on this season from Quintana and the explosion of a couple former Cubs prospects). He may certainly be right on that front, but no one can deny that the trade for Quintana was about much more than just 2017, and this year, it hasn’t paid off (both in terms of Quintana’s performance, and in the Cubs’ previously-stated position that acquiring Quintana’s contract is a big part of what allowed them to go out and sign Yu Darvish). Again: there’s still plenty of time ahead for Quintana to be a very valuable member of the Cubs, but it’s been a very disappointing year so far.
  • Have you noticed lately that the AL West race has gone completely bonkers? What was once a total Astros blowout with the Mariners a distant second is now more of a two-team race between the Astros and the A’s, who are playing each other this weekend in Oakland. The A’s pulled off an incredible win last night, tying the game in the 9th on a replay at the plate, and then walking it off on a Matt Olson bomb the next inning:

  • The A’s now have a better record than the Cubs. At one point this year, their entire rotation was on the disabled list. Literally. Of tremendous help to them this year, they’ve gotten great performances from Brett Anderson (yes, that Brett Anderson) and Edwin Jackson (yes, that Edwin Jackson). What they’ve done is absurd, and you should very much be rooting for them (especially over the Astros). Remember when Dallas Keuchel said the Astros wouldn’t have a World Series hangover like the Cubs because “we have better players”?
  • Ben Zobrist is getting appropriately gruff in his later years. First he gets the boot and now this:

  • This guy really likes Anthony Rizzo:

YO. This guy REALLY likes Anthony Rizzo. #Cubs #EverybodyIn

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  • This is actually a pretty amazing catch, and amazing that both guys got up:

  • I love this:

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