Mystery Team Claimed Daniel Murphy, Waiting on Bad News, Struggling Offense, and Other Bullets

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Mystery Team Claimed Daniel Murphy, Waiting on Bad News, Struggling Offense, and Other Bullets

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The annual kids-went-back-to-school-so-now-I’m-sick sickness is upon me. It’s just a stupid sinus thing with a sore throat, so I can power through, but come on, man. Can I miss it one of these years?

  • Some contender might be getting a really nice offensive boost for nothing as soon as today. Joel Sherman reports that Daniel Murphy was claimed on waivers by an unidentified team – very likely in the NL – and the Nationals could be negotiating a trade at this very moment. Given that Murhpy is owed about $4 million the rest of the way, and given that the Nationals could get themselves back under the luxury tax limit if they dump some pieces like Murphy, they may very well decide to let him go for nothing at all. I don’t see the Cubs involved unless they were thinking Addison Russell’s hand injury is only going to get worse, and they wanted a permanent guy at second base to move Javy Baez to shortstop (and didn’t want that guy to be Ben Zobrist or David Bote when Kris Bryant returns (and/or they’re worried Kris Bryant won’t be returning)).
  • Whether it’s the Cubs or not, it’s worth keeping an eye on if for no other reason than the Cubs and Brewers will soon be squaring off against the Nationals in a couple series. The Nationals need to decide whether they still have a chance or not. (Also, if you forget anything about how waivers work in August, here you go.)
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  • No word yet on Yu Darvish’s third MRI (this one he, himself, requested), but I expect it soon, and I don’t expect good news. When a guy is set back in each of two successive rehabs, the second of which coming when there are just six weeks left in the season … well, the chances we see Darvish again this year are quite low.
  • Sahadev Sharma is here to bring you further down:

  • That’s a great read if you want more of a sense of not only how bad individual players have been, and not only how bad the team has been in the aggregate (like he said: one of the worst in baseball since the break), but also how bizarrely the offense has clustered its runs – games with almost no runs at all, and then games with a ton of runs. Other NL contenders are not doing that.
  • But hey, the Cubs still haven’t lost a series in over three weeks.
  • You heard what you heard:

  • (For future reference, it seems, some extra enunciation would be in order when trying to share the details of *Peanuts* Theme Night.)
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  • Yikes indeed:

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