Theo Epstein Squashes Any Lingering, Bogus Discussion of Joe Maddon's Job Security: "It's Done"

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Theo Epstein Squashes Any Lingering, Bogus Discussion of Joe Maddon’s Job Security: “It’s Done”

Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein was not happy to be discussing the residue of a “baseless” report about Joe Maddon’s job security, and I like to think what he said about it on The Score today with Bernstein & McKnight slams the door on further conversation about what was always a silly topic.

“A national writer comes in, misrepresents the situation and then we have to address it because it’s threatening to become some sort of controversy – OK, that’s fine. But then once we’ve addressed it, it’s over. There is nothing here, ” Epstein told The Score.

“To refresh the background,” Epstein continued, “we spent and I spent an awful lot of personal and organization capital at great risk to bring Joe in following the 2014 season. Of all the people in baseball, he was our single choice to run the team. And we brought him in, and it’s gone extraordinarily well. Relationships are great, results are great. The contract has been great for Joe, it’s been great for us. Things couldn’t be better. So just because someone comes in from the outside and misrepresents the situation doesn’t mean it has to be an ongoing narrative. It’s done.”

Good. Done.

There’s plenty more in the interview there about actual baseball from Epstein, including his perspective on the health of key Cubs, on making the trade for Daniel Murphy, and on the expectation that the Cubs will now resume a normal five-man rotation:


Author: Brett Taylor

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