The Cubs' Offensive Breakout Was Probably Always Coming and Other Bullets

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The Cubs’ Offensive Breakout Was Probably Always Coming and Other Bullets

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For those of you enjoying an extra day off, I hope it comes with great food and friends and family and fun. If you were curious about the history and import of Labor Day, Wikipedia’s got you covered.

  • Realistically, the only way the Brewers (and/or, later in the month, the Cardinals) are going to catch up to the Cubs in the Central is by beating them head-to-head in the coming two series, the first of which starts today. And even then, if the Brewers merely win the two series 2-1, they’d improve their position relative to the Cubs by just two games. They’re down by five. They need at least one sweep and also probably need some help down the stretch. You never say never, but the Cubs have put themselves in a good spot with their recent hot streak.
  • Speaking of which:

  • The Cubs offense was always talented. The recent success is not “new” in that regard. But you can’t deny the impact that adding bats like Kris Bryant and Daniel Murphy can have, coupled with the continued success of Javy Baez and resurgence of Anthony Rizzo. When multiple great bats are hitting, it compounds the difficulty for the opposing pitcher, brings in the worse part of the opposing bullpen sooner, and generates even more offense. For as much justified concern as there was about the Cubs’ offense just a couple weeks ago, there was always reason to be confident in what could be coming. Over a long enough horizon, with health, talent wins out.
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  • With Addison Russell and Kris Bryant returning, it’s going to be a challenge to accommodate all the offensive pieces, but Joe Maddon has consistently been excellent at making this kind of thing work. He isn’t giving up an clues on what he’s going to do, though ( “There’s so many potentially moving parts that I’m trying to get guys out there and make sure they get their at-bats. It’s a nice problem trying to set up the lineup every day. You feel you have a solid team on the field and a great bench, and you’re still making sure everybody gets opportunities that when you ask them to do well, they can.”
  • Ultimately, I think you have to rest Kris Bryant, Daniel Murphy, and Javy Baez from time to time, but for most games down the stretch, those are the three guys I’d want to see in the infield together with Anthony Rizzo. Bryant can make some starts in the outfield to get David Bote in there occasionally, but mostly I’d like to see him manning third base if he’s healthy enough to do so. Ben Zobrist can spell in at second base a bit, and otherwise can get his starts in the outfield.
  • It didn’t take Daniel Murphy long to “get it”:

  • Yesterday’s offensive outburst was a peculiarly impressive one:

  • Tyler Chatwood once again went with the full Tyler Chatwood experience yesterday at Iowa:

  • Get that guy to the offseason already.
  • A blast from the past with a blast:

  • Fukudome last appeared with the Cubs seven(!) years ago. Still ticking. Good for him.
  • Two CONSUMPTION notes – the Labor Day sale at Fanatics is still going on:

  • And also for Bears fans, the Khalil Mack jerseys are now in:

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