Terrible Timing, More Cubs Prospects to AFL, Happ's Adjustments, Zobrist's Neck, and Other Bullets

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Terrible Timing, More Cubs Prospects to AFL, Happ’s Adjustments, Zobrist’s Neck, and Other Bullets

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There is no word that I’ve seen from MLB on how last night’s rain delays and cancellation played out, given that there was just no reason whatsoever to start that game in the first place, and then after waiting for three hours, they decided to cancel just as the rain was finally abating. Sometimes, I just want to see a, “Yeah, we biffed. Weather is really hard, and there are a lot of competing interests – and money factors – when trying to figure out the best approach for these games. This time, we made the wrong call. Sorry fans and players.”

  • Even before the rain and decision-making process mucked things up last night, Joe Maddon was already anticipating a problematic weekend (Cubs.com): “We want to play. We don’t want rainouts. This is supposed to linger for a couple or three days. We’d rather plow through. The doubleheader and the makeup game is not really desirable right now.”
  • Not desirable, indeed, as the Cubs will now go with Jaime Garcia against Max Scherzer in game one, before Cole Hamels faces a TBD starter tonight. Hopefully the Cubs can at least split the doubleheader without wrecking the bullpen too much. I’m tempted to say that, unless the Cubs get out to a crazy and surprising lead early against Scherzer, just save the most useful relievers for the night game and let Garcia go as long as he can. Remember: there’s a day game on Sunday, then travel back to Chicago, and then a three-game set against the Brewers. That all has to be considered today.
  • I feel like I can hear sad Charlie Brown music playing when I look at this picture:
(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
  • The neck issue that got Ben Zobrist scratched yesterday is not serious, according to Joe Maddon, who says Zobrist will play this weekend (Andracki).
  • We thought there was a chance that some additional Cubs prospects would be added to the Arizona Fall League (no Cubs pitchers were listed in the initial rosters), but I was not expecting quite this many additions:

  • Those are all legit prospects for the Cubs, with Clark and Steele needing innings, with Leal and Pereda breaking out, and with Rondon a potential reliever in the near-term future. All except Clark are also eligible for the Rule 5 Draft this year, so there is presumably a desire for the Cubs to get in some extra evaluation before having to make a roster decision at the end of November.
  • This is really good stuff from Sahadev Sharma, and great info from Ian Happ, Daniel Murphy, and Andy Haines:

  • More broadly, that piece is a reminder of just how talented Ian Happ is – easy for that to be lost in the ups-and-downs of his production and strikeout rate, as well as the depth of the roster. Also: the dude JUST turned 24, and this is his first full big league season after spending virtually no time in the minor leagues. Don’t sleep on his future.
  • The Brewers’ defense was one of their first half buoys, but it has become merely average in the second half as they’ve reconstructed their roster:

  • I tweeted a little Anthony Rizzo thing yesterday, and the Cubs had some fun at my expense. Sorry, sorry, he also had a 0.00 ERA:

  • Yep, yep, yepppp:

  • Really horrible news for the White Sox and flame-throwing stud Michael Kopech:

  • He was going to be a huge part of the White Sox’s rotation next year, at a time when they could definitely break out as a young, competitive team. Now, he misses an entire season, and it’s going to sting the White Sox’s chances of going for it in 2019.
  • Meanwhile, another fire-baller who probably needs surgery is still hitting homers and taking his time on a decision:

  • Tearing your UCL is the new market inefficiency for hitters.
  • How the Nationals decided to handle today’s games and last night’s rainout from a ticket perspective:

  • The way I read that, you can still exchange last night’s ticket for a ticket for today’s game(s) if available. So it is a pain in the butt, but you might be able to squeak out (lesser) tickets to two games in exchange for one.
  • Internetting:

  • Fancy speakers and lots of books are among your Deals of the Day at Amazon today.
  • Another big deal for the Bears, who are locking down what could be a dominant defense for a nice long competitive window (and continue to follow the Cubs’ model, as near as possible in football):

Author: Brett Taylor

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