New Relievers, Happ Needed It, Caratini Raking, and Other Bullets

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New Relievers, Happ Needed It, Caratini Raking, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

If you hold down ‘option’ and click on your Wi-Fi icon on your Mac, you can see a bunch of info about the network, including the Tx Rate, which is essentially the speed your device is connecting to the router. I mention this because I just used it – while walking around with my laptop open like I was playing some giant version of Pokemon Go – to find the best place to sit at The Little Girl’s gymnastics building while I work. Nowhere else was working properly, so now I’m sitting … on the ground under a coat rack. BUT IT’S WORKING.

  • My past self is still just blown away by this:

  • As for the ELITE setup man and ELITE closer last night, there are at least some reasons to believe Jaime Garcia and Jorge De La Rosa could be not-terrible down the stretch for the needy Cubs. For Garcia, he was not-terrible as a reliever this year when he dabbled in that role with the Blue Jays (opposing batters hitting just .160/.263/.300), and De La Rosa has actually been quite good with the Cubs (1.59 ERA, 2.39 FIP over 17.0 innings). I don’t think you can say these guys are definitely key playoff bullpen pieces or anything, but, given the injuries to Pedro Strop and Brandon Morrow, and the struggles of Brandon Kintzler, Steve Cishek, and Carl Edwards, I guess you have to see what a couple veterans can do.
  • Speaking of Edwards, Joe Maddon isn’t ready to go away from him in big spots, because he’s still playing the longer game ( “I talk to him afterward, and I always tell him, ‘You can get anybody out.’ He’s going through a moment now, but you can’t run away from that. You look at the big picture. For us to be able to finish this off and go deep in the playoffs, he has to be a big part of that. You don’t sit him on the bench or run away from him, because you’re not going to do it without him.”
  • It’s true that having GOOD Carl back would be enormous for the Cubs bullpen. But how many more leads will they blow in this critical stretch while trying to get him there? I agree with Maddon on this one, but I also acknowledge that it’s a really tough balance.
  • It was nice to see Ian Happ – who has slumped in the second half with much of the rest of the offense – get a huge hit yesterday. Hopefully that’s a confidence boost: you got a meatball, dude, and you didn’t miss it.
  • Victor Caratini has looked good lately at and behind the plate, and his playing time has bumped up accordingly (especially as Willson Contreras continues looking like a guy who needs a break). Caratini’s season line is still a modest .259/.318/.342 (81 wRC+), but just one week ago, that line was .241/.303/.305 (67). That’s a very hot September week.
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  • Kyle Schwarber is still dealing with back soreness, and had been hoping to be back in the lineup yesterday ( Hopefully he can be available again soon. Looks like he might be hitting in a sim game soon against a certain please-get-back-healthy-soon reliever:

  • Michael on Murphy:

  • Behind the scenes:

  • Punch me in the nuggets, man:

  • What even the:


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