Cubs Not a Juggernaut, Bote's Slump, the Missing Cubs-Sox Heat, and Other Bullets

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Cubs Not a Juggernaut, Bote’s Slump, the Missing Cubs-Sox Heat, and Other Bullets

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The Littlest Girl now has her very own open-front walker, and she has already done so well with it! Even better, she looked so happy this morning when she was able to move forward for a good long stretch to go where she wanted. Today will not bring me down, no matter what comes.

  • Which I suppose is a way of noting the impending swirl of ugliness around the Cubs, with Addison Russell’s ex-wife coming forward with her story overnight. The Cubs and Russell (if he’s with the team) will have an opportunity to respond today, and I hope what comes is as meaningful as it can be in these situations. On the baseball side of things, I don’t think it is crass to say that you just hope this will not prove to be an on-field distraction for the rest of the team. We of course want what comes next to do right by Melisa Reidy, but we also want to see the Cubs continue push for the postseason. I think this can be handled in a way that is consistent with both of those goals.
  • I always enjoy Doug Glanville’s perspective:

  • From Glanville: “The NLCS and the World Series are best of seven series. There is no rule saying that to be a real champion, you must obliterate your opponent every night and win the series four games to zero. Just like there is no rule saying that you need consistent offense that puts up seven runs a night to be a champion.”
  • This year’s Cubs are obviously not a juggernaut. They may have the best record in the NL, but it’s been scraping and clawing the whole way to get there. And that might make for a lot more anxiety for fans, but who knows? Maybe it’ll make them even better when the October bell rings.
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  • The adjustment period comes for everyone eventually: in the month since his incredible walk-off grand slam against the Nationals, David Bote is hitting a dreadful .148/.208/.295 (33 wRC+) with a 35.4% K rate and a 52.7% groundball rate. He’s still hitting the ball hard (36.4%), but he’s obviously not hitting it frequently enough, and he’s hitting it on the ground way too much. I still love Bote as a great utility guy going forward – that glove is *legit* at multiple positions – but he’s going to have to go through that adjustment period like everyone not named Kris Bryant does.
  • Remember when Cubs-White Sox came with a sense of hostility? Like, it has never been the same *kind* of rivalry you’d have with a club you compete with in a division, but that sense of cross-town-animosity just felt very real. Then the Cubs were terrible for years when the White Sox were competitive, and now the White Sox are terrible at the same time the Cubs are competitive, and it kinda just feels like the Cubs are playing any old rebuilding AL club. I kinda miss the heat.

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