Cubs Pull Off a Remarkable 90th Win, Ja-V-P, Gore's Hilarious Speed, and Other Bullets

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Cubs Pull Off a Remarkable 90th Win, Ja-V-P, Gore’s Hilarious Speed, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

If the Bears can win today against the Cardinals (eff the Cardinals, AMIRITE?), they will have a winning record for what feels like the first time in forever. Coupling that with another Cubs win today – over the White Sox – and shrinking the magic number further? I’m not sure I deserve such a good day. But I’ll gladly take it …

  • Jon Lester is a good pitcher and a smart man:

  • Even setting aside the defense, the versatility, the baserunning, the intangibles … it’s not like Baez isn’t having an MVP-caliber season at the plate, too. He’s hitting .293/.329/.569 on the year, with a 135 wRC+, which is good for 8th in the league (6 points behind 4th, so there’s not a huge spread in that group). His 34 homers are tied for second, one behind the leader. His 110 RBI lead the league by six. He has the 8th most stolen bases. He’s scored the 7th most runs. He has the highest ISO. He has the 3rd highest WAR.
  • Can you make an argument for some other guys? Yes. Could I make a strong argument for Christian Yelich? As much as I like to troll Brewers fans, yes, of course you can make a strong argument for the guy with the best bat in the league. But I’m just saying, it’s not like the argument for Baez is predicated solely on the intangible stuff. His bat is what gets him in the discussion. It’s the other stuff, in my opinion, that then separates him.
  • MVP quote right here from Baez on the playoff race ( “We know what we’ve got. We just have to stay away from every other team. They have to pay attention to us, not us to them.”
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  • Seriously remarkable stuff:

  • Regardless of today’s outcome, the coveted Crosstown Cup now belongs to the Cubs’:

  • Daniel Murphy’s run-scoring “double” looks a lot like the time I was asked to play left field when filling in on a competitive men’s softball team after never having played an inning outside of the infield in my years of baseball and softball:

  • It is humorous how fast Terrance Gore is:

  • This upcoming series against the Pirates will be no cake walk, as the Cubs are going to have to face Jameson Taillon (awesome), Chris Archer (always potentially very good), Ivan Nova (has pitched very well at times), and Trevor Williams (one of the best pitchers in the second half).
  • It seems like if Russell went this route, it would just force MLB’s hand into a suspension earlier than they might otherwise if they took their time:

  • This sounds extremely correct:

  • The Mariners, despite pretty much always having a “decent” team, where eliminated from postseason contention last night for the 17th straight year. Once again: enjoy these Cubs.
  • I will miss the jokes we got to make:

Author: Brett Taylor

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