I Owe You All a Big Thanks As We Turn to the Offseason

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I Owe You All a Big Thanks As We Turn to the Offseason

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The sun rose this morning, so there’s that.

Before we get into all the normal stuff we do at this transitional time of the year – so much earlier than in the recent past – I wanted to offer up some thank you’s for what was ultimately a great year. Thank you to Michael, Luis, and Luke for their outstanding work around here. The trains don’t keep the schedule without them. Thank you to The Wife and The Kiddos for obliging what is not always a consistent work schedule or a quiet night as I’m shouting at the TV downstairs.

Most of all, thank you to all of you. Whether it’s cliche to say or not, it’s as true as these things get: without you readers, followers, and commenters, there is no Bleacher Nation. That is true in a financial sense, sure (thanks for allowing ads to display! it pays the bills!), but it’s more true in an emotional sense. I feel the sense of community when I write – even perfunctory 40-man roster moves – and you may not realize how important that is for the drive. I care about doing a good job every day because I care about the small, hopefully positive impact it might have on some folks’ day. Frequently, I feel like it does, and that makes me very grateful to you.

All right. So, then. What’s next.

The offseason is here, and, although much of the transaction-ing cannot happen until after the World Series concludes, there are internal moves that can and will occur. There will also be rumors kicking up VERY rapidly (with a big market contender like this in the middle of a window, the roster-related chatter is going to raise up pretty much immediately). I anticipate things will be very busy on that front, and we’ll cover it all.

I think to myself in the immediate wake of a loss like last night that I’m going to step back and take a breather – and maybe I will, in small doses, over the course of this Cubs-less MLB Playoffs – but the truth is … I don’t want to. This is my world. These are my people. It’s frequently brutal and agonizing, but it’s also frequently peaceful and cathartic. I’m already eager to dig in on some things.

Thank you again, and welcome to the offseason.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.