Maddon Still the Manager, Playoff Rooting Interests, Russell's Statement, and Other Bullets

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Maddon Still the Manager, Playoff Rooting Interests, Russell’s Statement, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

Oh man, the zero sleep on Tuesday night hit me haaaaaaard this morning. I can’t remember the last time I was dragging like this, and yet I know I’ve had similarly short nights of sleep this season thanks to late games and early kiddos. So why is it hitting me this hard today? I can only assume it’s because there’s the combined impact in there of knowing the Cubs’ season is over, even as the rest of the postseason proceeds. There’s just a little less giddy-up in the get-up right now.

  • Not to be lost in the very, very dense rundown by Theo Epstein last night, the Cubs’ President of Baseball Operations confirmed a few important things about the managerial situation: Joe Maddon is still the manager, Epstein is very happy about that, Maddon is under contract through next year, no extension talks have been brought up by either side yet, and if it becomes a “lame duck” situation, Epstein doesn’t believe that will be a distraction next year or will necessarily mean that no new contract is coming. In other words, Epstein hedged against the possibility that the sides do not come to an agreement on an extension this offseason, and decide to let things roll into the season. It’s what happened with Epstein on his own contract, if you recall, though in that case, there was ZERO doubt that the organization wanted to retain Epstein for as long as possible.
  • My gut says there will be no extension this year, Maddon will head into next season on the final year of his deal, and then we’ll hear about it all season long before a decision is made late in the year.
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  • So, there was apparently some other baseball match last night. The Yankees beat the A’s 7-2 in the AL Wild Card Game, so they’ll now face the Red Sox in the ALDS. I was pulling for the A’s because they just seemed like the more fun story, but I’m a sucker for Yankees-Red Sox postseason match-ups. May it be epic and feisty, please and thanks.
  • The NLDS series kick off today, with the Brewers hosting the Rockies at 4 pm CT (FoxSports 1), and the Dodgers hosting the Braves at 7:30 pm CT (MLB Network). GO. ROCKIES.
  • Addison Russell released a statement on the 40-game suspension he accepted after MLB’s domestic violence investigation: “After gaining a full understanding of the situation I have concluded its in the best interest of my family to accept MLB’s proposed resolution of this matter. I wish my ex-wife well and hope we can live in peace for the benefit of our child.” (ESPN)
  • Melisa Reidy spoke with The Athletic to share additional information about the MLB process, about why she did not speak out at first, and how she wants to help others:

  • You can sense this in Willson Contreras, who had a down season, but who was leaned on so heavily:

  • I liked it best when he said the Cubs got their “dick knocked in the dirt,” but this is good, too:

  • This is so awesome:

  • I laughed:

  • Hey, that’s Javy Baez in there:

  • Whoa, check out the big brain on Brett:

  • I joke, of course, because I can’t actually root for the Brewers:

Author: Brett Taylor

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