Jeffress Says the Dodgers Got Lucky, Joe West Did Not Get Lucky, Pitcher W/L and Other Bullets

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Jeffress Says the Dodgers Got Lucky, Joe West Did Not Get Lucky, Pitcher W/L and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

Justin Turner played hero for the second year in a row in Game Two of the NLCS with a late homer (NO COMMENT ON 2017!), and the Dodgers evened up their series with the Brewers. Meanwhile, in the AL, the Astros handled the Red Sox 7-2 to win the ALCS opener.

  • Of the Dodgers’ comeback against Jeremy Jeffress, the Brewers righty was not impressed:

  • Jeffress, of course, is not being petty – he’s just being accurate: Barnes got lucky that Jeffress couldn’t throw strikes, and Turner got lucky that Jeffress tried to throw him a righty-righty changeup that Turner was able to obliterate.
  • In all seriousness, I don’t know that any Brewer at this moment should be taking shots at another team for being “lucky” given the Wisconsin-sized horseshoe that has been lodged in their buttocks since August. The Brewers have been both very good and very lucky. Can you just say that the Dodgers did some good things yesterday and beat you?

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  • Even if we can forget about how Joe West completely failed to avoid this throw, what in the world was he even looking at? The play is behind him:

  • I have so completely divorced myself mentally from looking at pitcher win-loss records that, as I’m typing this sentence, I could not tell you much of anything about which Cubs pitchers had lots of “wins” or “losses” this year. I think Jon Lester had a lot of wins. I think Kyle Hendricks did, too. My guess is that Jose Quintana led the Cubs in losses. OK, I’ll check now.
  • I was right about all of that (but don’t you dare use it to say that I’m secretly loving and checking pitcher win-loss records!). Lester led the Cubs with 18 “wins”, and Hendricks was second with 14. Quintana led the Cubs with 11 losses, though he was tied with Hendricks. Randy Rosario was 4-0. Tyler Chatwood was only 4-6. The fourth most “wins” on the Cubs? Pedro Strop with 6. Brandon Morrow, Anthony Bass, Jorge De La Rosa, and Justin Hancock appeared in a combined 78 games and did not have a decision among them.
  • The Reds have now brought in 12(!) candidates to interview for their managerial job. I get being thorough, but if you’re bringing in that many guys for an interview, is it possible that you’re not doing enough legwork in advance of the interviews? Just seems like there could be some more narrowing before that.
  • Good call, Lu:

Author: Brett Taylor

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