Manny Machado Lustily Booed in Milwaukee ... Kinda Makes Me Want Him More for the Cubs

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Manny Machado Lustily Booed in Milwaukee … Kinda Makes Me Want Him More for the Cubs

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After kicking Jesus Aguilar at first base earlier in the series, Manny Machado was expected to receive quite a reception in Milwaukee last night.

Brewers fans did not disappoint:

I haven’t seen a crowd that united in a singular message since Josh Hader first took the mound after the All-Star break.

Machado has clearly emerged as the “villain” of the postseason, and it’s probably a persona that will carry on into the future. In a hey-this-is-all-just-entertainment-anyway kind of way, it makes me want the Cubs to sign Machado all the more. Don’t get me wrong: I was not a fan what he did to Aguilar, I am not a fan of some of the other dirty decisions he’s made on the field in the past, and it all makes me a little nervous about the Cubs committing such a huge chunk of their financial flexibility to a single player. But you can’t deny the delight in imagining Machado in Cubbie blue in Milwaukee, getting the crap booed out of him, and then ripping a three-run shot off of Bernie the Brewer’s costumed dome.

Oh, and Brewers fans would hate him even more if he were suddenly signed by the evil Cubs. I chuckle thinking about it.

Ultimately, that would be more of a “bonus” situation than a deciding factor in actually wanting the Cubs to pursue Machado or not, but it’s fun to think about. For me, I remain fully in the Bryce Harper 1A, Manny Machado 1B camp. Players of their caliber, at this age, become available only for money about once in a decade. If you’re a large-market, big-money team, you need to take your swing at getting whichever one will have you.

And if it earns you some boos from neighbors up north in the process? Well, all the better.

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