GM Meetings Begin - Clubs Will Discuss Moves, Rumors Will Explode, League Business Will Kick Off

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GM Meetings Begin – Clubs Will Discuss Moves, Rumors Will Explode, League Business Will Kick Off

Chicago Cubs

Today, in the California city of Carlsbad (don’t you dare make a Cubs reliever joke (I guess I just did)), executives from around baseball will gather to flip the switch on their offseason planning, starting to put into motion the things they’ve been internally discussing for months.

The GM Meetings – not solely for general managers, mind you – kick off tomorrow, and annually mark an unofficial start to the meatiest part of the offseason, when you start seeing more specific free agent rumors and trade chatter. Executives will have conversations, old talks may be renewed, new ideas may be bounced around, and the groundwork can be laid for moves over the next two months or so. You may not see a lot of deals completed this week, but, yes, you will see rumors explode.

Organizations also frequently hold important meetings of their own this week, setting out certain internal plans for prospects, coaching staffs, coordinators, etc., so you could tentatively expect some news on that front.

You will also see some league business conducted this week, with rules/operational changes discussed, and even possibly put into action. For example, look at this whopper:

I love the added, secondary fun of the waiver trade deadline – a second, but challenging, bite at the apple – but also do support moving the overall trade deadline back to give buyers and sellers a little more time to sort themselves out. I’ll need some time to mull this one.

Other league business that figures to get discussion this week: sign stealing! Fun!

Anyway, the offseason is here, and the GM Meetings are beginning today. Let’s go.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.