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Gobble Gobble My Friends and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

Today I’m thankful for dressing, Coke Zero, apple pie, family, friends, and a place here on the interwebs to call home. Thank you, folks, and I hope you have a great day, whatever you’re up to!

A handful of things to nibble on while the turkey finishes up …

  • I asked this on Twitter yesterday because I was curious just how pessimistic people were about various players with injury/performance/contract issues:

  • Of course, the whole point was that none of those things is *LIKELY* – that would make for a very stupid poll – but I wanted to gauge just how down people were on these guys relative to expectations. I wasn’t altogether shocked by the results (at last check, with 3100 votes, it’s Darvish at 39%, Morrow at 33%, Chatwood at 22%, and Heyward at 6%), but I probably would have Brandon Morrow saving 50 games as the least likely thing. Not only is that a rare total for anyone to achieve, but for a guy who is going to have to be managed as closely as he is, I just think it’s going to be functionally impossible for him to save 50 games. I’m not even sure he’ll get 50 *appearances* next year.
  • The Between Starts series reaches the day of the start:

  • Cubs utility prospect Trent Giambrone showed up in the AFL Statcast leaderboard with one of the top exit velocities. Much like the breakout utility prospect that preceded him (David Bote), Giambrone was a later-round pick who worked on his launch angle to dramatically improve his quality of contact. In small samples, stats can be flukey, but it’s hard to fake the ability to absolutely obliterate a ball. Whether you can do it with enough consistency to be successful at high levels, of course, is the trick. But the talent? You gotta have that first.
  • LOL at this question:

  • An interesting look under the hood at the Braves’ finances at FanGraphs. The element that is tough to track in deciding whether teams are spending “enough” is the almost comical increase in franchise values over the past decade. Should the teams be taking an annual “loss” in spending to reflect the fact that they are seeing tremendous gains in value that would more than offset those losses? These are businesses, sure, but they are also something a little more than that. As long as they are appreciating so massively in value, I at least think it’s fair for fans to expect that teams will generally spend out as much as they take in (as the Ricketts Family has said many times over the years that they will do). The owners are still doing very well.
  • I showed this to The Little Boy, and, without any sense of processing the weirdness, he just smiled and said, “Alexa, play ‘Go Cubs Go’.” No joke. Good kid:

  • Go Bears today, baby.


Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.