The Infamous Jake Peavy Trade that Wasn't, Miggy is an Agent, and Other Bullets

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The Infamous Jake Peavy Trade that Wasn’t, Miggy is an Agent, and Other Bullets

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The Little Girl is performing in ‘The Nutcracker’ today, which, in addition to that just being fun and great and awesome means that there’s additional family in town, logistics to suss out, and a very delayed start to me popping out these Bullets. I’m fine with it. You’re fine with it. All good.

  • Former Cubs catcher and We Are Good creator Miguel Montero is “pretty much retired,” and he’s started a new sports agency with his brother-in-law. Montero’s agency already has 17 clients (mostly minor leaguers from Latin America), and he sees himself being something of an all-purpose source of help for those players. If he can succeed on the business side of things, there’s no question Montero will be a successful agent, because he’s always had the people part down. Montero is strong, confident, and opinionated, but people like him. His time in Chicago was full of behind-the-scenes stories about how well-liked he was by a range of folks. I’m sure nobody is universally liked, but Miggy definitely had his fans. Best of luck to him.
  • Victor Caratini getting in some winter work:

  • This has freaking captivated me:

  • I remember the rumors well, obviously, but I had no idea that the story Jim Hendry tells (semi-refuted by Crane Kenney in the article, for what it’s worth) is that he had a deal done with the Padres for Jake Peavy, complete with a time to announce the deal at a press conference – *THE* Jake Peavy deal was real! – only to have the Tribune, which was nearing the final stages of its sale of the Cubs, put a freeze on all significant contract additions. We knew the ownership change caused financial limitations at the time, but we didn’t know (or at least I didn’t know) a deal was actually ever in place and then pulled.
  • From there, Hendry pivoted to dumping the contracts of Mark DeRosa and Jason Marquis so that he could sign Milton Bradley. Nightmare fuel.
  • How would things have been different if that trade goes down? Well, you can’t necessarily assume Peavy’s performance (or injuries) would proceed the same way, but he was very good for the next four years … he just wasn’t healthy. Still, having him around – perhaps to trade eventually – would’ve been much better than having Bradley. And none of the pieces that were expected to go to the Padres ultimately would have been missed. Maybe the Cubs actually compete in 2009 instead of crater, maybe things look less awful when Tom Ricketts really digs in from late 2009 through 2010, and maybe the Cubs don’t fundamentally change course, like they actually did, in mid-2011. Maybe Theo Epstein and Co. never arrive.
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  • Needs more Lilly:

  • Nah, man. Naaaaaah:

  • But seriously, congrats to Murray on the win, and it’s going to be very interesting to see how his professional sports career goes (he’s already accepted a bonus to play baseball with the A’s … but if he’s a projected first round pick in the NFL … we’ll see). And true to recent form for emerging MLB stars, apparently, some bad stuff was discovered on his Twitter from years ago. He was about 14 at the time:

  • My take? I think it’s fine and fair to point this stuff out when you see it, because highlighting hateful words can help improve future dialogues. But I also think ripping Murray to shreds for things he said when he was 14 is too much. Yes, at 14 you’re SUPPOSED TO KNOW right from wrong, and yes, 14 for him was in an era when we all knew it was not OK to say certain things. But still. He was a kid. His brain was very much still in development mode. Who knows what his environment was or his role models? The tweets were bad, and a lesson is being sent out because of them. That’s what’s supposed to happen. But I doesn’t have to be about continued punishment going forward for him. (Also, it’s a reminder to parents out there to talk about these things.)
  • Big, big, big game tonight for the Bears:

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