Cishekiversary, Chili and the Mets, Fowler and Molina, and Other Bullets

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Cishekiversary, Chili and the Mets, Fowler and Molina, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

LET’S GO BEARS. The hated rival at home, having not been able to beat them for years, having already lost a heartbreaker to start the season against them, with a chance to simultaneously clinch the division AND end their season? I HAVE FEELINGS.

  • Today is the anniversary of the Steve Cishek signing. We liked it at the time, but in no universe did I think it would wind up being the only signing that proved unquestionably positive through one year. There’s still time for Yu Darvish, Brandon Morrow, and Tyler Chatwood to bounce back (especially Darvish), but through one year, Cishek is pretty much the only free agent “win” from last year’s binge.
  • Probably not entirely unrelated to the tightened pursestrings; and I don’t even necessarily mean that on a philosophical level. If Darvish, Morrow, and Chatwood had been healthy and productive, the financial considerations this offseason are so very different, both because the needs would have been different, and the flexibility to make trades – if necessary – would have been different. But if we’re being honest, and evaluating on one-year results (which, sure, is not entirely fair, because these are multi-year deals), last offseason was a disaster for the front office.
  • But, again, love for Cishek: Just five qualified relievers had a better ERA in the NL last year than Cishek’s 2.18. And he did it despite appearing in more games (80) than all but one reliever. Dude was a beast last year, and the fact that he seemed to wear down a bit at the end shouldn’t take away from that.
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  • This tweet reads like it was a parody written by a bitter Cubs fan upon learning that a team had hired Chili Davis:

  • What could go wrong?
  • … in all seriousness, it is of course possible that Davis’s philosophy AND instructional approach will simply mesh better with the Mets’ players than it did with the current group of Cubs.
  • Hopefully this isn’t serious, but it’s part of a long string of injuries for the former top Cubs prospect:

  • More details on just how bad things got for Dexter Fowler last year:

  • Fowler, who’ll be 33 next year and broke his foot to end last season, was one of the worst players in MLB last year statistically (he still beat the Cubs in that one game). It would be unreasonable to project a bounce back to above-average-player status, and it would be hard to *want* that since it would be quite a lift to the Cardinals. But, at the same time, it’s impossible not to want Fowler to shove it in the faces of the Cardinals fans who shredded him and the members of the organization who lost faith in him and questioned his effort. I guess what I’m saying is I really want to see him traded to a team that doesn’t compete with the Cubs, and then have an enormous season.
  • Speaking of the Cardinals, Yadi Molina, 36, had a minor knee procedure to remove a bone spur. The expectation is that it’ll be no big deal, he’ll be good to go for Spring Training and all that, but a 36-year-old catcher’s knees, when they’ve been used as heavily as Molina, you always wonder.
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Author: Brett Taylor

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