Extremely Wild Rumble in the VWL is at Least Some Form of Baseball Action

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Extremely Wild Rumble in the VWL is at Least Some Form of Baseball Action

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Being that it’s late December, we’re pretty much at the vernal equinox of Major League Baseball, with the World Series just about as far behind us as Spring Training is ahead of us. Congratulations, you’ve made it this far.

There *is* baseball going on around the world, though, and I sometimes come across highlights around the web. Usually it’s Cubs players and former Cubs players that interests me most, but, man, when I saw this from the Venezuelan Winter League last night, I had to share it.

A brawl broke out between the Leones Del Caracas and the Tiburones de La Guaira, and it was freaking wild. Recall, although we think of the VWL as a place where guys can go ball in the winter to get experience for the MLB and MiLB years ahead, these are actually just the country’s pro teams, playing in their highest pro league. So the passion is very real.

OK, so here’s how the brawl started, and it will look mostly familiar to you:

The pitcher clearly wanted to start something, threw behind the batter twice, and got the charge he was looking for. Benches clear, there is pushing and shoving, and even some swings. It’s ugly, but it happens.

Except in this case, the brawl kept going. Really going. And spilled into the freaking dugout:

It gets even crazier. While the rumble was going on, there were fans who took the opportunity to come out of the stands, onto the field … to steal gloves:

That is seriously wild. The Cubs, if you were curious, do have one player on Caracas (pitching prospect Enrique De Los Rios), though I couldn’t tell you from the videos whether he was involved in the scuffling.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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