Nobody In On Harper, That Machado Rumor, Wedding Bells, and Other Bullets

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Nobody In On Harper, That Machado Rumor, Wedding Bells, and Other Bullets

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Got lost down a looking-at-old-pictures-of-myself wormhole and I realized that it really is true that I can’t seem to just take a normal picture. Stop making that face, moron. Can’t you just smile occasionally? True story: we were getting family pictures last year, and I had to ask the photographer to take a “headshot” type thing of me so I could use it for my picture here at the site … since I couldn’t otherwise find a recent picture where I wasn’t making myself look like an idiot.

  • If you believe former GM Steve Phillips, the White Sox are about to get Bryce Harper for six dollars:

  • I tend to think Phillips was more making a point than reporting what he’s heard, but in any case, this is all just ridiculous semantics. There are teams that are interested in signing Harper, but aren’t yet interested in handing over all their leverage. The White Sox kinda didn’t have a choice but be very forward in their advances.
  • Speaking of thin bits, this is a rumor out there that I didn’t want folks to think I didn’t see, but I also am not putting full weight in it:

  • In order for this to be an accurate accounting, either Clark is perfectly willing to burn a source that he knows is one of the very few people who’ve learned a final Machado decision, *OR* Machado is out there telling lots of friends and former teammates about his decision and everyone in that circle KNOWS he’s doing that, so it’s totally cool to just throw it out there without burning a source. It tends to be the case that things … don’t actually happen like that. It is a very good bet right now – without any information – that Machado is going to sign with the Yankees, and that the decision is going to be publicly revealed in January. I highly doubt, however, that Machado is out there telling friends and former teammates that he’s definitely choosing the Yankees, but, uh, not until next month because reasons. Instead, if he’s telling them anything at all, I’d imagine it’s more like probably this, I think that, etc.
  • I remember watching this game at a bar with some friends. We’d gotten ourselves nice and happily over the “loss” by the time the Cubs started their comeback, which made watching the comeback all the more exciting:

  • The gang is getting back together for a certain wedding:

  • It’s not great when you can make a very full graphic like this:

  • Something you don’t hear about the Yankees in the national sphere, even as everyone is ready to offer their thoughts on the Cubs – relative to increasing revenues, the Yankees have gotten really cheap:

  • Checking in on Hall voting from the currently-available ballots, and then projecting (because the public ballots always skew in certain directions):

  • A little love for Mitch on the football side of things:

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