Nastiest Sliders, Darvish, More Wedding Fun, Cuba Deal, and Other Bullets

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Nastiest Sliders, Darvish, More Wedding Fun, Cuba Deal, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

So, Alabama and Clemson again, eh? Shrug. I wouldn’t really care either way, but are people excited to see repeat match-ups in college football, or is that kinda boring?

  • Before you watch these devastating sliders, can you guess which four Cubs pitchers make an appearance, and which pitcher appears twice? Had I been given that question before watching, I think I would have gotten three of the four, but I would have missed on the guy who appears twice:

  • Dillon Maples is an obvious one, and I think he could have been on there more than once. But he wasn’t. Pedro Strop is also an obvious one, because he’s got one of the most productive sliders in baseball. I didn’t think about Steve Cishek, which was a whoops on my part. And then there’s Yu Darvish, who showed up twice in the first video. You didn’t forget about his nasty slider, right? Remember that whole discussion early in the year? He was definitely losing something on it, which in hindsight was probably health-related, but it would still sometimes make guys look silly.
  • Man … please be healthy and effective in 2019, Yu. My dude can be so, so much fun to watch (in addition to, you know, helping the Cubs win games).
  • The Cubs’ most valuable sliders in 2018 were, in order: Cishek, Strop, Randy Rosario, Luke Farrell, Justin Hancock, Anthony Bass, Alec Mills, Brandon Kintzler, and James Norwood (everyone after that either has negative value or doesn’t throw a slider). So that’s … um … a thing.
  • Fun from the Rizzo Wedding last night:

  • God bless NBC Sports Chicago for popping these highlights each day:

  • How can you ever get enough of Sahadev Sharma? Here he is on MLBN talking about the Cubs’ offseason:

  • The political machine is taking aim at MLB’s deal to protect Cuban players and push back against dangerous human trafficking. Nationals closer Sean Doolittle is having none of it:

  • Was #FlyTheW still being used in the 2017 postseason? I feel like it was not, but maybe I’m misremembering. Anyway, hooray random cheap stuff:

  • The Bears have a chance to land a first round bye today if they beat the Vikings and the Rams lose to the 49ers (not likely), so we’ll see what happens. What a freaking regular season either way.

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