Zach Britton is Re-Upping With the Yankees on a Three-Year Deal

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Zach Britton is Re-Upping With the Yankees on a Three-Year Deal

Chicago Cubs

Although I really did like Zach Britton for the Cubs, it became obvious many weeks ago that they weren’t going to be spending that kind of money on that kind of reliever. So, it sucks, but I’d let him drift from my mind as a realistic Cubs target.

So this mostly makes me shrug my shoulders:

We’ll see what the particulars look like when they come out, but Andrew Miller’s two-year, $25 million deal with a vesting option for the third year set the floor upon which Britton was going to aim to build. That he got three years, plus a fourth year player option (and an opt-out before that) is pretty impressive, though. Again, we’ll see what the money looks like.

For Britton and the Yankees, the signing makes a lot of sense, since he returned to being excellent upon being traded to the Yankees last year. They have the need in the bullpen, and he obviously felt very comfortable pitching there.

As for the Cubs, like I said, I didn’t think they were on Britton any longer, but what exactly does that say about the tightness of their financial picture? Britton was a perfect fit for one of their most glaringly obvious needs – a late-inning, high-leverage reliever, and a lefty to boot – and they weren’t even rumored to be a serious pursuer. Saving for something else? Or just tapped out?

The Cubs *will* add another reliever or two or three. I will bang that drum until the drum breaks. But I think it’s more likely that the Cubs will do some value shopping late in the winter on a crowded market to get their preferred second or third tier targets on cheap deals.

UPDATE: Here are the final terms, though it’s not *quite* the same thing as a three-year deal with a fourth year player option:

Still, a good deal with lots of flexibility for Britton. His agent? Scott Boras. These kinds of increasingly flexible (complicated) contracts are just going to become more and more common.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.