The "Cubs" of the DR Finally Win It, Outfield Status, Huge AAA Depth, and Other Bullets

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The “Cubs” of the DR Finally Win It, Outfield Status, Huge AAA Depth, and Other Bullets

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I’m working at Starbucks this morning, and I’ll admit it, I’m lame, and there’s a particular seat I like when I work here. There’s a dude in the spot when I walk in, which is totally fine, because I’ll be here a while, and, hey, he’s just trying to do his thing in The Great Seat. After a little while, I notice he starts to pack up his stuff. Sweet. I’m gonna pounce. The Great Seat is mine again. Except once he packs up his stuff, he then takes out … a ball of yarn. He is now knitting. It might be a while.

  • I love seeing this reminder that the “Dominican Winter League” is not just some league for big leaguers to pick up some extra at bats. It’s the highest league in a place where baseball rules the day, and the “Cubs” of the league finally won it all:

  • Jordan Bastian takes a look at the Cubs’ outfield situation as the team approaches Spring Training having not made any changes out that way. As things stand now, you’d be looking at a Kyle Schwarber-Albert Almora-Jason Heyward trio, with Ian Happ drawing regular starts around the horn to rest the others and optimize match-ups. When Addison Russell returns from his suspension, that’s going to probably mean more outfield time for Ben Zobrist if he’s healthy and hitting, further moving around the playing time out there. In a dream world, everyone hits well, and is match-up-protected to optimize results. More likely is that someone will be hurt, someone will be intermittently ineffective, and it’s gonna be something of a daily discussion about who is getting the right playing time to maximize not only the Cubs’ run total that day, but also improve the development of these could-be-very-good-regulars young players.
  • Cole Hamels could be a future assistant GM with this kind of smooth talk about the Cubs’ budget situation ( “I understand people have to work within a certain system that they set. But I think when the time comes, if something needs to be added down the line, I think they’ll be able to make that sort of decision. I’m pretty confident that they’ll be able to do it. But we have a great team, and with the guys that we have that are going to come off the disabled list, that’s like getting free agents right there. So there’s tremendous talent. “
  • Game-ifying mental agility training for prospects who need to be able to process information at the speed of a pitch – love it:

  • Puzzles, vacuums, and protein powder are among your Deals of the Day at Amazon today.
  • The Cubs have a crazy volume of AAA-level arms as they’ve tried to add/promote as much depth as possible, hoping some guys step forward:

  • Without a doubt, you’ll have injuries that cull that group, as well as a couple that might make the big league roster out of the gate. But when you eyeball it, you can’t help but wonder how on earth the Cubs can accommodate roster spots – let alone innings – for even 85% of these guys. Assuming health and not on big league roster, I count 12 guys that you just flat out wouldn’t want to waive and also wouldn’t want to send to AA (Alzolay, Clifton, Robinson, Mills, Ryan, Underwood, Maples, Norwood, Wick, Mekkes, Rosario, Lillis-White). That leaves 16(!!!!lol!!!!) guys for the remaining couple spots, and doesn’t include a bunch of Tennessee arms that could probably stand to be challenged at AAA. Yeah, I’d say there are going to be a ton of guys who get left back at AA, get jettisoned, or get “injured.”
  • Hey hey:

  • Anthony Rizzo, Pro(Am) golfer:

  • YES. DO IT:

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