Cubs Home Run Goals, Keeping Dreams Alive, and Other Bullets

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Cubs Home Run Goals, Keeping Dreams Alive, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

It is sufficiently cold outside that typing – even inside and with frequent handblows – is really tedious and uncomfortable because the tips of my fingers keep going numb. I am not complaining, because I am grateful to have a warm place to work, but it just makes me think about how freaking cold it is outside.

And yet, the Russian city of Yakutsk is like this seven months out of the year! 300,000 people live there! How do they do it?

  • Michael offered up an interesting thought, and it’s important to keep in mind he’s not saying these things are GOING to happen for each guy, and certainly isn’t saying they are all going to happen for ALL the guys:

  • I think those are all pretty fair “lofty-but-realistic goals” for these players. Each has come pretty close to his number in his career, though several would require significant bounce-backs in 2019 to get there. I think you could probably put a 40-spot on Bryant, and I also think if he got the playing time, Happ’s could be 30. The guys at the bottom of the list seem the least likely to really have a shot at their numbers. If I *had* to pick three guys I think will actually hit their goal, I’d probably go with Schwarber, Bryant, and Happ. You?
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  • Since Bryce Harper did NOT wind up signing with the Phillies yesterday, the dreamers among you can keep dreaming:

  • This is absolutely unacceptable, Christian Yelich. Do not say cool things that make me like you:

  • What you definitely want to see, if you’re a Mets fan specifically, is the explicit co-mingling of baseball and business ops:

  • Think warmer thoughts:

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