Dempster to a Hall of Fame, Rockies Optimistic on Arenado Extension, and Other Bullets

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Dempster to a Hall of Fame, Rockies Optimistic on Arenado Extension, and Other Bullets

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You’ve probably noticed that the Bullets increasingly come in this much later morning slot, though not every day. Just in case anyone was wondering why: on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, The Littlest Girl goes to a school at Ohio State, which about 30 minutes from us. I take her in the mornings, and then there’s a gym nearby that has a class that starts right after I drop her off, so I go to that class. Thus, big ole chunk of time when I’m (usually) out in the mornings on those days. I try to make sure to get at least one post up before I head out in the morning, so at least there’s something new (and you don’t have to keep re-hashing gross emails or extremely unlikely trade scenarios from the night before).

  • Ryan Dempster, Hall of Famer:

  • So that’s pretty cool, eh?
  • It sure sounds like the Rockies believe they’re going to lock down superstar Nolan Arenado on a long-term deal, before he reaches free agency next offseason. Here’s how team owner Dick Monfort put it ( “I think we’ve gotten it to the point where we’re to the finals. We’re to the crescendo.” Given Arenado’s unique relationship with the Rockies and just how absurdly good he is at Coors Field (especially relative to everywhere else), it always seemed like there was a better than 50% chance he’d be an extension candidate. And when the other superstars on the market are have trouble landing monster contracts? It’s a whole lot easier to perhaps convince him to take a “mere” $200 million deal.

  • This is a reminder, by the way, that if you play any offseason like you’re waiting for a particular crop of future free agents, you may never get your shot. Lots of guys wind up off the market.
  • Oh, also, you can bet lots of players will be watching any Arenado negotiations for future comps (Kris Bryant being the most obvious, but not the only one).
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  • This is key, because you want all catchers in camp from day one, working with the pitchers, the coaches, and each other:

  • Martin Maldonado is obviously the guy you want, but he might yet land a starter gig, and also might cost more than the Cubs can “afford.” Other defensively-inclined vets out there: Nick Hundley, A.J. Ellis, and old friend Rene Rivera.
  • MLB Pipeline offered up a “prospect to watch in camp” for every club, and Nico Hoerner gets the slot for the Cubs, which was probably an easy selection. And it’s true that, if he gets into any Cactus League games (he’s not officially been invited to big league camp yet (though he’d probably still get a game or two even if not invited)), it’ll be really fun to see Hoerner play. But when it comes to guys to watch, I tend to lean more toward the guys who have a chance to force their way onto the big league roster, and/or contribute early in the season. For the Cubs, that’s going to be guys in the veritable ocean of fringe reliever arms.
  • Happy birthday to Hammerin’ Hank:

  • (In all seriousness, I have no beef with teams working on in-game experience in ways that suits their crowd. So go with God, Marlins. JUST BRING BACK THE DAMN HOME RUN SCULPTURE.)
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Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.