Cubs Ain't Buyin' the Low Projections, Machado and the Padres, Single Game Tickets, and Other Bullets

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Cubs Ain’t Buyin’ the Low Projections, Machado and the Padres, Single Game Tickets, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

Tweaked my right shoulder a few weeks ago, that after long battling soreness in my left shoulder that still hasn’t dissipated, and only after getting over a previous right shoulder issue a couple years ago. Thing is, you just can’t completely get over the shoulder stuff when you’re in a phase of life where you’re lifting kids up and down all the time, playing with them, protecting them from falling objects with quick jerky movements, etc. I am just about ready to acquiesce to the fact that my shoulders are gonna be effed for a few more years.

  • The Cubs were unsurprisingly unimpressed and unencumbered by the PECOTA projection that has them winning just 80 games, and finishing last in the Central:

  • Joe Maddon, who wants the Cubs to “Own It Now,” described the projections as “entertaining.” I say, sure, why not?
  • I read Michael’s update on the Harper-Machado Saga, with word that they might not be signed for another month yet, and then I got really excited when I saw a Machado article about the Padres taking a second meeting with the 26-year-old infielder. Maybe there was just some bluster, and actually he’s getting close to a decision – second meetings, after all, mean progress! … and then I saw this line: “It is not believed Machado is close to settling on his next team, with the Padres being among the contenders along with the Phillies and White Sox and possibly others.” Okey dokey. Status quo it is.
  • Cubs single game ticket sales:

  • ESPN ranked Javy Baez as the third best second baseman in baseball, behind only Jose Altuve (fair) and Robinson Cano (hmm). Those three together comprised the top tier, though. Among the things I learned from that piece: didn’t realize just how bad Ozzie Albies was for the Braves in August and September after his scorching start to the year. He wound up finishing the season with a .261/.305/.452, 100 wRC+ line. I totally missed that.
  • Dreaming, dreaming on Carl Edwards, Jr.’s unique natural ability:

  • Good point from Bryan here:

  • Lulz, whoops:

  • People really seemed to like this dumb tweet:

  • Speaking of which, this makes sense, since many feel the triple is the least boring type of hit:

  • Although he was viewed by many as merely an attempt at an underslot signing, there are folks out there who really like Cubs second rounder (compensatory) Paul Richan:

Author: Brett Taylor

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