The Cubs' Un-Dynasty, Harper and Machado Still at $300M, Prospect Stuff, and Other Bullets

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The Cubs’ Un-Dynasty, Harper and Machado Still at $300M, Prospect Stuff, and Other Bullets

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The sheer insanity of attempting something like this, and then the discipline and talent to pull it off. I am utterly blown away, and if you have some time, you should click through to that account to see why it dropped my jaw:

Nothing you or I do will ever be as accomplished and magical as that. Just pack it all in now.

On to the Bullets …

  • Although I wouldn’t have paired it with the article he’s quoting … yeah:

  • As for the quoted article about a Cubs missed dynasty, I do think there are some interesting notes in there, including the fact that the Cubs have gotten much less from their core the last two years than they got in 2016, but I just kinda take issue with the whole premise. I concede that being a “dynasty” requires repeated postseason success, and the Cubs have just one title in this run, but in baseball, you just can’t make that happen. All you can do is put yourself in a position to do some stuff in the postseason consistently. And, since 2015, the Cubs have made the postseason every year, and have averaged, what, like 95 wins per season? Those results may not make them a dynasty – and adding a bunch of additional talent this offseason wouldn’t magically “save” a dynasty – but it does make it hard to suggest they’ve actively blown their window.
  • … but also, again, yes, this offseason still feels like a shortsighted missed opportunity to supplement this window aggressively.
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  • Speaking of those two top dogs, though, Jeff Passan hears they are still holding out for $300 million+:

  • A visual on Carl Edwards Jr.’s new delivery, which comes from the Dodgers (he referenced Kenley Jansen, though Clayton Kershaw obviously uses it, too):

  • Speaking of stuff, this is a fantastic indication of good stuff:

  • The thing all of the deals have in common is that they absolutely, unequivocally would have looked *CRAZY* under market just two years ago. So I suppose in that way, we’ve gotta at least presume the market and the fear of the future has dictated these deals a little bit. The volume of deals is not unusual at this point, but the character of the deals – so little guaranteed money, only one free agent season bought out (generally speaking), it looks a little different to me than years past.
  • That said, hey, where are the Cubs extensions, right? If you don’t count Pedro Strop’s very short deal, the last Cubs extension was Anthony Rizzo *SIX YEARS AGO.*
  • I would agree that this doesn’t sound great for a club that has made a number of significant additions, and probably isn’t good for folks hoping teams will go out and add for economic reasons:

  • The NL East is going to be every bit as bruising as the NL Central … in the top four. The teams in the East will at least have the benefit of beating up on the Marlins. Good luck getting a Wild Card spot out of the Central this year.
  • Usually football rumor season comes long after baseball rumor season has ended, but hey, new normal and all that:

Author: Brett Taylor

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