Kris Bryant Says His Shoulder is Good, and Says He Didn't Say Anything Wrong About St. Louis

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Kris Bryant Says His Shoulder is Good, and Says He Didn’t Say Anything Wrong About St. Louis

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Just re-reading that headline makes me pump my fist a little bit.

First, the actually important part of the Kris Bryant stuff, as the Cubs’ third baseman and should-be-perennial-MVP-candidate spoke to the media today as the Cubs got into their first full-squad workout day in Spring Training: yes, his shoulder is still feeling just fine.

As you can see, and as we’ve seen in previous videos, Bryant is utilizing his normal, one-handed, high-finish swing. Previously, that had bothered his left shoulder after the injury in May of of last year. After playing through a power outage, Bryant attempted to make tweaks to his swing – including, at one point, a two-handed finish – to little positive effect. So it’s very nice to see him healthy enough to get back to what works best.

Kris Bryant, Really Dang Good Baseball Player:

Now for the less serious part of this post, where Kris Bryant basically tells Yadier Molina and the rest of the Cardinals to chill the heck out about jokes:

Kris Bryant joked about his rival’s city being boring during a comedy show at a Cubs fan convention. It was funny and silly, and it was completely a nothing. Only Yadier Molina’s desperation to find some motivation turned this into a something.

I hope that the first time Bryant walks to the plate in St. Louis, he turns toward Molina … and yawns.

Author: Brett Taylor

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