Let's Get Crazy: The Padres Have Reportedly Signed Manny Machado (UPDATES: 10/$300M)

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Let’s Get Crazy: The Padres Have Reportedly Signed Manny Machado (UPDATES: 10/$300M)

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At least one of the interminable top free agent winters is over! And it comes after a surprising late flourish by a perceived non-contender! I say good for the Padres!

Much more on this in a moment.

OK, some immediate reaction stuff while we await the particulars:

  • The NL West gets a superstar injection, and with the Padres loaded with young talent beyond almost all other organizations, it wouldn’t at all be shocking to see them compete sooner rather than later (especially if they make another move, and/or dip into that prospect pool). That young prospect pool of pitching is absurd.
  • The Padres won’t be trading for David Bote. Remember that?
  • The White Sox do not land Manny Machado, who would have been a great fit at this stage for them. I guess they have to let Yonder Alonso and Jon Jay go now.
  • The Phillies will now presumably push even harder for Bryce Harper, and I still suspect that’s where he winds up.

UPDATE: Manny gets the number he’d been seeking:

We’ll see what the actual terms are – opt outs? back-loading? deferrals? – and what that does to the effective number, but at least Machado can say he got 10/$300M. It’s an enormous contract, and an impressive commitment by the Padres. This strikes me as good for the sport, and could offer up a nice change of the narrative.

Now comes Harper’s 10/$310M contract with the Phillies …

UPDATE 2: Machado gets an opt-out after year five:

I expect he would have wanted to get that opt-out earlier, both because “obviously” and because the new CBA will be in place in three years, but still. This is a really good contract for him.

UPDATE 3: I highly doubt this is a “it’s a false report!” comment, and instead is probably just a matter of t’s still to be crossed:

UPDATE 4: Padres pulled a stealth move:

Not that the White Sox were about to go to that level:

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.