Spring Training Miscellany: Monty's Shoulder, Chicago Weather, Heyward's Swing, More

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Spring Training Miscellany: Monty’s Shoulder, Chicago Weather, Heyward’s Swing, More

Chicago Cubs

Although MLB teams spring in Arizona and Florida for the warmer weather, Mesa has had a distinctly Chicago vibe this week.


Temperatures will hit 33 overnight, before reaching a balmy 50ish tomorrow. SPRING HAS SPRUNG!

Elsewhere at Cubs camp today …

  • Good news on the Mike Montgomery stiff shoulder front:

  • There’s still plenty of time for Montgomery to ramp up appropriately for the season. If he is still feeling something this weekend, though, then you are concerned about his start to the season being in jeopardy due to the ramp-up time. Also, probably worth noting that when this first popped up this past weekend, he was hoping to get back on the mound in a few days, which would have been around today. I’m not worried yet. But I’m paying attention.
  • Jav-BP:

  • And everyone will take a stab at breaking down Jason Heyward’s swing:

  • I’ve given up on breaking things down at this point. We all know that Heyward’s swing was always extremely unorthodox, and the hitchiness risked serious problems if/when he lost bat speed. That, in my mind, happened over parts of 2016-17 (wrist issue did not help), and the Cubs’ work on his swing never really seemed to take or help. You kinda just gotta let the guy be at this point, and if he figures it out and gets back to where he was pre-Cubs, sweet. Great. If not, you get what you get.
  • Also, BN’er Spriggs had eyes on Heyward today and had this to say in the comments, for what it’s worth: “I have never seen [Heyward] hit so many BP homers ever. Mostly to RF, but a couple to CF and LF. I still don’t believe what I saw. He was also hitting hard liners off live pitching, including a lefty (Baldonado). At least I can say I’m not as hopelessly low on him as I was yesterday.”
  • Anthony Rizzo joining David Bote as this year’s best-shape-of-his-life guy? Weight down:

  • That’s Cub:

  • Pfft, let’s see Manny Machado play first base, AMIRITE (hey, I still do like the Daniel Descalso signing … ):

  • I dig that there was a meeting for this as an intro:

  • This tends to be the reaction of anyone who watches Miguel Amaya in action. He just looks the part:

  • Yu Darvish, fan service coordinator:

  • Cubs win! Cubs WIN:

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