Montgomery Throws, Bryant Broods, Maddon Leads, and Other Bullets

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Montgomery Throws, Bryant Broods, Maddon Leads, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

The wind was so strong this morning that it blew one of the tail lights in my car out of place. I know how crazy that sounds, but it happened! It must have already been loose or something, but I came out of the gym and there it was, hanging wide open like someone had grabbed it and yanked. These gusts have been no joke.

  • Good news on the Mike Montgomery front:

  • I know it’s cliche to say this time of year, but it’s true in this case: there’s plenty of time for him to be ready. That’s true even if the Cubs are planning to stretch Montgomery out as a starter this Spring, which they may well want to do just in case there’s a late injury or two in the rotation. But if he’s going to be left as a reliever from the get-go, then obviously there’s even more time for him to be ready for the season.
  • The visual on Kris Bryant taking on his haterz, interspersed with a couple highlights (including a really nice play at third base to start a double play):

  • Kris Bryant Revenge SZN.
  • Joe Maddon reminds folks that just because a guy is leading off in a Spring Training game – Jason Heyward yesterday – that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s part of a lineup plan:

  • Yes, it’s theoretically possible that Heyward could become a leadoff hitter for the Cubs at some point this year – rule no one out! – but yesterday was more about just getting him his at bats early.
  • Maddon has been getting out there more hands-on, as the front office suggested to him before the offseason and as he, himself, was eager to do. It’s nice to see. Check him out getting involved with the strength and training crew about how he wants a training drill to go:

  • It’s interesting to think about how the Cubs have brought in a new peak performance guy from the NFL, and how the existing infrastructure will have to work with him (and vice versa) to optimize player health and performance for baseball. Getting jacked or quick is not the sole goal – the goal is to get your body in the right position for peak performance in the sport of baseball, and staying physically healthy for baseball specifically. I have little doubt this is an area where organizations can make some hay in the years ahead.
  • Dis good:

  • This is freaking incredible – and it took only four innings:

  • Tracking the Antonio Brown story, because you never know:

  • Let’s go, baby:

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