Phillies Fear They're Out on Bryce Harper, Giants Take a Second Meeting, I Feel Steam in My Ears (UPDATE)

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Phillies Fear They’re Out on Bryce Harper, Giants Take a Second Meeting, I Feel Steam in My Ears (UPDATE)

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The Dodgers are so gonna get Bryce Harper, aren’t they?

The latest on the Harper free agency drama – which does not involve the Cubs because reasons – has the Phillies fearing they won’t land him and the Giants getting more serious, both of which would be consistent with the Giants maybe getting him, but also with the Dodgers actually taking a real swing at him:

I’m starting to think the whole Bryce-simply-doesn’t-want-to-go-to-Philly stuff might have legs, eh? Moreover, you throw in yesterday’s report that he’s always preferred the Dodgers (and Cubs, sigh), pair it with the Giants trying to get aggressive, and you suddenly feel like, yeah, the Dodgers getting re-involved in this thing might always have legs.

Remember: the Dodgers *should* have plenty, plenty, plenty, plenty of money to sign Harper to any deal he wants. Moreover, they traded away two outfielders this offseason already, and, although they subsequently signed A.J. Pollock, it’s not like their other outfielders can’t be moved around to accommodate Bryce freaking Harper.

Like I said yesterday:

I’m just going to say, as I have been since, oh, September 2017: the game offers you only so many chances to land guys like Harper at ages like 26. When you’re in the middle of a competitive window – which won’t last forever – and the guy’s age lines up perfectly with your core, sometimes you have to be bold and find a way to extend yourself financially. There was a long time when I really thought the Cubs would.

I no longer think that.

UPDATE: Well, maybe the Giants are serious about keeping him away from the Dodgers:

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