Jason Heyward and Ben Zobrist Return to the Cubs Lineup

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Jason Heyward and Ben Zobrist Return to the Cubs Lineup

Chicago Cubs

With a relatively healthy and full roster and (apparently) no room in the budget for any late-winter additions, the Cubs didn’t have many big-time storylines here at the start of Spring Training.

The late arrival of Ben Zobrist and the late-scratching of Jason Heyward, both of which were for “personal reasons,” then, had the conspiracy theorists running wild. After all, we needed something to latch onto (did I just out myself as a conspiracy theorist?). Well, for better or worse, those storylines can be put to rest, because both guys have returned to the Cubs lineup this afternoon:

Chicago Cubs Lineup: 

  1. Albert Almora Jr., CF
  2. Ben Zobrist, DH
  3. Kris Bryant, 3B
  4. Anthony Rizzo, 1BV
  5. Javier Baez, SS
  6. Kyle Schwarber, LF
  7. Jason Heyward, RF
  8. Daniel Descalso, 2B
  9. Taylor Davis, C

Indeed, against the Athletics later this afternoon, the Cubs are rolling with all regulars (minus Willson Contreras), and that includes both Heyward and Zobrist.

I’m glad to have both guys back – this is actually Zobrist’s Spring debut – and I hope they both have killer years. We’ll have a full Pre-Gamin’ post closer to game time (2:05 CT).

Author: Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami covers the Chicago Cubs, Bears, and Bulls at Bleacher Nation. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami