Spring Training Miscellany: Tyler ChatWow, Quintana Fine, Monty Throws, Prospects Mash

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Spring Training Miscellany: Tyler ChatWow, Quintana Fine, Monty Throws, Prospects Mash

Chicago Cubs

Finally, I could see the Cubs on the TV! Well, my laptop anyway. With the Cubs playing at the Diamondbacks, who were broadcasting the game, it was on MLB.tv. Hooray! Just in time for me to watch Tyler Chatwood …

… pitch shockingly well. I know. I know. I know. You *DON’T* have to tell me. Spring Training is meaningless, the sample last year demonstrated much more, guys just don’t bounce back from that level of yips, and so on and so on. I know it. Totally.

But also, dude is winning the Cy Young:

Chatwood wound up throwing three legitimately very-good-looking innings, WALKING NO ONE, allowing three hits and striking out three:

  • For now, this still very much means nothing. Yes, his delivery looked cleaner and a little less jerky, which was something he was working on mechanically over the offseason. But he’s going to have to look like this for the entirety of Spring Training before you’d feel like he’s definitely the guy you’d want as the 6th starter, and a guy you simply have to hang onto in the bullpen to open the season.
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
  • Speaking of sixth starters, this guy finally threw live BP today:

I wonder if the Cubs won’t stretch him out as a starter at this point, instead trying to keep him fresh and falling back on other starter options if there’s an emergency to open the season.

Oh, and speaking of starters, Jose Quintana completed the quintet of veteran Cubs starting pitchers who looked perfectly fine and boring in their opening two innings of the Spring (Yu Darvish being the exception, but we were tracking much different things for him, and all was just fine).

Elsewhere in Arizona and from the Cubs’ 10-2 win

  • Carl Edwards Jr. made his debut today, which meant we got to see the new delivery in action, and he seemed to be pretty darn comfortable with it:

  • Elsewhere in the bullpen mix, the other regulars should get into a game soon enough:

  • Kyle Schwarber slapping the ball the other way always looks pretty:

  • A couple Cubs prospects went deep for the second time today. First, Mark Zagunis please and thanks showing that power:

  • And Cubs minor league player of the year Jared Young going oppo with a barrel:

  • Cubs got their horses up today:

  • Random, but AtReds was doing murder on Twitter today:

  • It’s gonna be me:

  • Don’t forget to peruse:


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